Monday, November 19, 2007

Just a Second! by Anna Campbell

Hey, Leena, it's been a while since I blogged here although I often check by to see who's talking on Tote Bags. Thanks for inviting me to talk about my second historical romance Untouched which comes out on 27th November.

It's interesting having a second book on the way. I wonder if it's like having a second baby. Not having children myself, I can't comment with any real authority but I wouldn't be surprised if there are similarities in the way you feel. You THINK you should know a lot more than you actually do!

It's still just as exciting to mark those moments along the way to the book appearing on the shelves. The editor's final approval. The cover (that's always exciting - and isn't Untouched's cover gorgeous?). Its appearance on Amazon. The first reviews coming in. Thankfully, all glowing so far, touch wood, throw salt over my shoulder, sacrifice rubber chickens under a full moon!

But it doesn't really seem real until it's up there in a bookstore and someone can wander in and buy it. And even then, because I'm in Australia, I have to wait for friends of mine to take photos of it and send them to me!

Untouched is a dark adult fairytale with elements of Beauty and the Beast and The Sleeping Beauty. For people who enjoyed Claiming the Courtesan, my debut historical romance for Avon, it has a similar atmosphere but very different characters and story.

In the meantime, amongst all the excitement, life goes on. Because I've just got my third book into Avon, I've since been busy doing all the things I didn't do while I was writing. But I'm really looking forward to having some time off over the Holidays to catch up on my TBR pile which currently rivals Everest. Just to mention some of the books waiting for me - the newest J.R. Ward, the newest Nalini Singh, The Secret Swan by Shana Abe, Harlequins by Yvonne Lindsay, Trish Morey, Tessa Radley and Robyn Grady. And that's only counting the top few in the tottering pile. I might have to take the phone off the hook!

What books are you looking forward to snuggling down with over the Festive Season? And a very happy Thanksgiving to all my North American friends!

Best wishes!



Annie West said...

Hi Anna,

Congratulations on book no 2 about to hit the shelves. And what a book! You know Mathew is one of my favorite heroes...

Had to laugh at the idea of a second book being like a second baby. The truth was that by the time I had my second child I was so much more relaxed - I knew what was 'normal' (almost anything) and knew that most of the time there was no need to panic. Looking back to the arrival of my second book I mainly remember the huge sense of relief! I wasn't a one book wonder (G).

Books I'm looking forward to - gee, the list is huge. Like you my TBR pile is tottering. In fact it's been broken down into several piles (I'm that far behind). Have lots of recent released by friends and acquaintances to read plus some non romance fiction I bought, oh, six months ago, that I'd like to open...

Here's hoping we find time over the festive season.


Christine Wells said...

Hi Anna! Congratulations on another fabulous book hitting the shelves. Untouched is definitely on my list to re-read at Christmas time.

I also want to glom on JR Ward's vampire series. I'm not much of a one for vampires (Angel and Spike excepted!) but these books sound too good to pass up. Like you, I've had a book to write and reading has gone by the wayside a little. Looking forward to the beautiful and talented Robyn Grady's debut, also. Best of luck with the green monster. Everyone is going to love it.

Anna Campbell said...

Hiya Annie! Thanks for commenting. So glad you enjoyed Untouched. You're so right about that second book coming out being in many ways a huge relief!

Christine, thank you to you for popping by too. So glad you enjoyed Untouched! I'm sure you'll love the J.R. Wards. They've all been fantastic so far which is why it's been so tough keeping my hands off this most recent one!

Sharon said...

I'm looking forward to a good snuggle with Untouched, Anna -- though with the soaring temperatures we're having down here and your hot book I'll probably end up with heat stroke! LOL

I confess I've been bad and already raided my tottering TBR pile for the fab debuts by Robyn Grady and Paula Roe. I'm still hanging out for a copy of Christine Wells's Scandal's Daughter. And I've got Divine Evil by Nora Roberts and Underfoot by Leanne Banks.

I'm a recent Jodi Picoult fan too so I'm thinking of twisting my m-i-l's arm and asking for sone of her books as my Xmas present. Oooo and maybe the latest Dick Francis will be out in paperback.... And then there's....

The list goes on!

Congratulations on your second "baby", Anna! Untouched is getting great reviews!


Authorness said...

I'm sure this is one birth that won't be painful.

I'm looking forward to reading 'Untouched', Ms Campbell! I've got a teetering TBR pile too. I feel like cancelling all engagements (ie. the day job) and getting stuck into it.

:) Vanessa

Karen H in NC said...

Hi Anna,

I read your first book and enjoyed it, so I put your name on my list of must-buy authors. Looking forward to your new book coming soon.

My TBR pile is more like a small library with 3 6-shelf bookcases loaded with books waiting to be read. That's why I'm glad I am finally retired...don't have work to interfere with my reading time!

Karen's Prayer:
"Dear God, Please keep me alive long enough to finish reading all the books in my TBR pile."

Anna Campbell said...

Sharon, it feels odd to think of our Northern Hemisphere friends moving into winter just as we're moving into summer, isn't it? But basically any weather is great for a good book! Hope Untouched causes a heat wave at your place ;-)

Vanessa, giving up the day job has its pluses! But you'll need to join a library because you won't be able to buy all your books. Hmm, might have to rethink this plan...

Karen, I'm delighted you enjoyed Claiming the Courtesan. Thank you for letting me know! I love your prayer, can I borrow it? You will understand what torture it's been trying to finish my third book when I have all those wonderful stories calling to me! Thank goodness I read fairly quickly so I should make reasonable inroads on the
TBR pile once I actually get going! Hope you like Untouched!

Jane said...

Congrats on your new release. The cover is pretty. I keep hearing about J.R. Ward that I think I'll probably be reading book one of her series during the holidays. I'll also probably start some Christmas anthologies that are lying around waiting to be cracked open.

Estella said...

The cover of your book is gorgeous!
I also have a tottering TBR pile. Can't see it right now to name very many of them. I know The servant by LL Foster is in it tho.

Anna Campbell said...

Jane, the J.R. Wards are fantastic - so full of emotion and drama. I bet you won't stop at one! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

And Jane and Estella, thanks for the compliment on the cover. I think it's lovely too ;-)

Estella, it's so tough when I can't just sit around and read all day. Wish I got paid to do that! Good luck with making your way down your own TBR pile! Thanks for your comment!

Lily said...

Hi Anna,

Congrats on your second book :)

I have to mention that I find the cover super original!! which is something that is always appreciated!

deseng said...

Woohoo! Annie! How excited you must be! A big hearty congratulations to you!

Oh my gosh my TBR pile is overflowing! I have two shelving units holding them all! I buy more and more all the time! There are just so many good books and so many excellent authors, (you by the way!)that I just can't resist!

I will name a few that I can't wait to read,

KARMA GIRL by Jennifer Estep
SMART AND SEXY by Jill Shalvis
MENDING FENCES by Sheryll Woods

and on, and on,

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Remember to save room for pie!


Diana Holquist said...

Congrats on baby #2!

It is like a baby, isn't it? But then, what does that mean about all those authors out there with 20, 30, 40 books.....Man, those ladies need a nanny, for sure!

I've got the new Nalini Singh. Can't WAIT to read it.


RachaelfromNJ said...

I'm reading Unmanned by Lois Greiman right now. I have a few paranormals in my pile to read. I think I may read Midnight Awakening by Lara Adrian next.

Anna Campbell said...

Lily, are you 'Banditas' Lily? Goodness, that sounds like a Wanted poster, doesn't it? Thank you. Avon have done a lovely job with making my stuff look individual, haven't they?

Michele, it is impossible to resist, isn't it? I've heard great things about Karma Girl and I've read Jill Shalvis's Harlequins and really liked them. Sounds like a fun TBR pile!

Diana, laughed at the idea of a nanny! Not a bad idea, actually. Although I'm a long way from 20 books out there yet!

Rachael, sounds like you've got the TBR pile tamed. Wish I could say the same! About to launch into one of the Harlequins. Yum! Thanks for commenting!

readingissomuchfun said...

Congratulations Anna YaY! Cheers to you.

I am currently reading 'Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy By: Leslie Langtry.

I have a few more on my TBR list. In no order at all.

Paint It Red By: Carla Cassidy
Remain Silent By: Jamie Denton
Enslave Me Sweetly By: Gena Showalter
For Her Pleasure By: Maya Banks
Unforgiven By: Lindsay McKenna

Will stop because my list can go on forever LoL. Happy Reading Everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving To You All. Gobble Gobble.


Sue A. said...

Anna a big congrats on your second book!

I'm looking forward to reading a number of titles by Sylvia Day in my TBR pile. First up is The Stranger I Married.

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks, Linda and Sue, for the congrats! Only a week to go! Whoo-hoo!

Linda, sounds like your TBR pile is like mine. And that's SCARY! Love the sound of Scuse Me, etc. By the way, great online name!

Sue, Sylvia has been on my list for a while too. Must dig down and find her in the endless pile! Her stuff sounds really sexy!

Lily said...

Your book is on my TBR!!