Sunday, April 29, 2007

The RNA award lunch

Last Friday was the glamour event of the British romance publishing -- the annual presentation of the Romantic Novel of the Year and the Romance Prize at the Savoy.

If you have ever seen the film Notting Hill, you will know how splendid the Savoy is. Among other things, it is the only place in Britain where they drive on wrong side of the road.

Mod X and Little Black Dress author, Julie Cohen and I arrived in a cab. Julie as befits her website was wearing a black top and orange skirt. I was in a teal blue Monsoon outfit.

The lunch begins with a champagne reception. As it is very much an industry function, editors and agents are there. Mills and Boon editor Joanne Carr lived up to reputation and wore a splendid pair of shoes. My daughter whispered to me that she looked just like a model. Anne Herries and Catherine George, two of the finalists were there -- both with huge smiles on their faces.

We were then summoned to lunch. On the tables, were programmes of the day's events. The cover was a cartoon by Bestie, highlighting the joys of reading romance on public transportation. The top table came in last.

The food was delicious -- goat cheese and onion tart for starters, chicken with vagatables (my daughter was not overly fond of the potatoes and almond combo), and a treacle tart with raspberries and vanilla ice cream for pudding. The vanilla ice cream was made with a vanilla pod and tasted fantastic.

Then came the awards -- Rosie Thomas won the Romantic Novel of the year for Iris & Ruby. And Nell Dixon won The Romance Prize for Marrying Max. Nell was flabbergasted, and I had to pull her up from her chair and gently shove her towards the podium. As I had insisted that Nell enter the book, I felt like a very proud fairy godmother.

Modern/Presents Author Sharon Kenderick managed colour coordinate her cast with her purple outfit. New presents author India Grey was there looking stunning in black. She is a warm and lovely person. Kate Walker also looked great in her white top and dark skirt combo. And the shoes these women wear were -- well stunning.
It was a wonderful event, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Michelle Styles


Cherie J said...

Sounds like a very classy event. Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed the photos as well.

ellie said...

Looks wonderful and am impressed with the setting.

anne said...

Fascinating and lovely function. Great pics which depict the enjoyable time.

pearl said...

Quite the affair. Love the unbelievable hotel and photos are great.

Michelle Styles said...

I am pleased you all like the photos. It was a wonderful time. It was one of those events that I dreamt about going to before I was published. To go as a finalist was both fun and nerve wracking.
I think I forgot to mention Kate Walker's shoes as they were a piece of confection. Truly lovely with very high heels.

Mary said...

Sounds like alot of fun. Loved the photos.

bamabelle said...

I love your photos and description of the event! It sounds exquisite!

Lois said...

Congrats to the winners! :) Looked like a lot of fun. . . which I could have been there. LOL Alas, I have absolutely no reason to be there (not British, not a writer) but hey, one can still wish. LOL :)


deseng said...

What a fun event! I loved all your descriptions of everyone's outfits. Especially the shoes!

The food sounded delicious. You made mouth water!

It was fun looking at the photos you took of the event. They sure went all out on it! I am very happy for you and the exciting time you had!


Michelle Styles said...

Lois -- One of the reasons why I wrote the post is I know how much I like to live vicariously and I am so pleased that other people like to as well.

The RNA lunch is one of those times that I really like -- this is how the movies show being an author is. LOL.

And the shoes were wonderful. HowKate Walker managed to be graceful, I don't know. Luckily my teal blue shoes with little gold tassels went down well. I only got stuck in the pavement on the way home from Wicked the Musical that evening. Luckily my friend rescued the shoe with just a scratch! They will probably have another outing as Kate Walker has celebrations for her 50th book coming up...

Tammy said...

Sounds classy, picts are marvelous. Thanks for sharing!