Saturday, February 03, 2007

I made it! - Nancy Warren

Hi all,

I was all excited to come and join and then I discovered I couldn't log in to my blogger account. I needed my Google account. I have a Google account? It seems I do. Then I had to reset the password because I've forgotten it. You know, all this Internet stuff is a lot of work and you'd have to be Mr. Memory himself to remember all the passwords. However, I'm here at last and most thrilled to be in the company of so many good writer friends. Lee is such a great friend of romance.

I'm starting to get organized for my trip to Daytona and the official launch of Speed Dating, which is the first of the 2007 officially licensed NASCAR Harlequin romances. Hot, young NASCAR driver, Carl Edwards, driver of the 99 car, appears in Speed Dating and so, of course, the brilliant folks in HQ marketing decided to do an actual speed dating event in Daytona. Carl is confirmed to be there and he's planning to go a few rounds of speed dating. I think we'll have a blast.

I'm chatting about the book, my experiences writing about NASCAR, writing in general and anything else that comes up over at eHarlequin. I'd love to see some friendly faces. That's at

In the meantime, now that I've figured out how to do this, I plan to stop by often.



liz said...

Hey Nancy,

I feel your frustration when it comes to passwords. When one thinks about it, nowadays there are soo many passwords for so many diff. things.

Congrats on the new series! Hm...nascar car...I dont think I have read a book with the main hero as a nascar would be quite a change. Cant wait to read your book.

=) Liz

Jennifer Y. said...

These NASCAR books sound good! I have one in the TBR pile, but haven't read it yet.

deseng said...

mHello Nancy,

Gosh I had the same problem too when I first entered this website! I finally got some assistance from Lee on what to enter for a password. So don't feel bad! We are all in the same boat!

Congratulations on the new book! I will definelty check it out!

Take care and stay warm!
It is 1 degree outside here in Northern Indiana. Brrrr........


principessa said...

Congrats and best. Looking forward to reading this book.

Jennifer Y. said...

I just read the NASCAR book that was in my TBR pile (A NASCAR Holiday)...I loved it and will definitely be on the lookout for yours!

liz said...


Just wanted to say that I also just read a Nascar book from my TBR pile. And cant wait to get to your book.

The book was "Metro Girl" by Janet Evanocich...It was ok, I liked both main characters but not the brother...found him really irresponsible.

Still, I didnt even know it was a Nascar book until I got to it.

*shakes head*

My TBR pile is huge...I sometimes wonder if I should keep it up or maybe stop adding more books to it...but then I can resist and keep adding more...

Hm...maybe I should add like little sidenotes to the list so I can know what is what before I read it...

Does anyone have any advice on how to keep track of their TBR pile? I mean on how to have a general idea of the book before you get to it?