Monday, December 04, 2006

Helen Bianchin

I made it! With a lot of help from Lee (thanks, Lee, for the invitation).

The year is winding down, and here in south-east Queensland, "downunder", it's sub-tropical weather, with high temperatures, late afternoon storms. Traffic is hectic, shopping centres and malls crowded ... and I should have been sensible and begun Christmas shopping way before this!
Next year, I'm going to do it right (sound familiar?!), and have my daughter and two daughters-in-law compile a "wish-list" for the children months before December. Picture a slightly frazzled woman fighting for space along the numerous aisles of Toys 'R Us!

The Christmas decorations were assembled in the house today, and the festive cards are beginning to arrive. I love this time of year when we play catch-up with far away friends, their annual news and photos. Today there was a card from BC Canada, with a photo of a friend's grandchildren rugged up building a snowman! All I could see were little round pink faces peeking out from the coverall snow gear.

The second book for the year went in to Harlequin last month, and editorial have selected "The Greek Tycoon's Virgin Wife" as a title. Release date to be announced. Meantime, "The Marriage Possession" will be out in April 2007. I've assembled and sent off a synopsis for the first book in 2008 ... the hero is a sexy Spaniard with part of the story set in Madrid!

Kate Walker has Sid, the cat. (Hi, Kate). I have two cats ... Birmans (a choc-point and a seal-point) who like to think their presence on my desk is integral to my creative process. They have sheepskin beds on my office floor ... but no, it has to be the desk!

Best wishes to all


Anne McAllister said...

Hi Helen!

Glad to see you here. And glad you took time out from shopping for grandkids to join the blog.

It's really cold here now, but no snow at the moment. Just drab and gray looking, so I should take that as incentive to stay in and WRITE!

Looking forward to your coming books! Especially the Madrid setting you have still to write. So write fast!

Anna Campbell said...

Helen, seeing I live just up the road from you (well, in terms of world geography), I know exactly what you mean when you talk about the sultry temperatures! Yet still I look forward to turkey on Christmas Day. Weird, huh? Looking forward to your Spaniard. And in the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2007!

deseng said...

Hello there Helen,

It is cold here also where I live in the North in Indiana. It is currently 12 degrees above zero right now! Brrrrrr........ I need warmer jammies at night because I still have been wearing my summer ones. I can't seem to make the change!

I am excited to read one of your books when they are available. Have a fantastic holiday and a wonderful New Year!

Michele L.

Annie West said...

Hi Helen,

Lovely to see you here and thanks for the information on your upcoming books. I'll look out for them, especially the Spaniard you're planning to write. I haven't been to Madrid but that doesn't stop me dreaming. I second Anne's suggestion: write fast!

I'm glad to hear someone is organised about Christmas. This one has crept up so quickly.

All the best for the festive season.


liz said...


I have read a couple of your Harlequin books and I liked them lots. As to the new ones coming out, the Spaniards series I cant wait for them to be out.

When I think about Spain, besides the nice and warm weather (freezing cold in here IL),I also think about the Prince and Princess of Asturias.
I think theirs story is very lovely. I wonder if he would have been willing to give up his throne to married her if his family had opposed (Letizia was divorced)?