Monday, October 30, 2006

Kate Walker - Where do I start?

First of all, a great big thank you to Lee for inviting me to join this blog.

Just please don’t tell my editor that I’m here – I’m supposed to be working – writing a new book, not chatting. I know my editor reads my personal blog - so that’s the one where I say that I’ve been working really hard. But maybe she won’t spot this one.

What I really want to say first of all is how thrilled I’ve been to see the success of my October release, At The Sheikh’s Command. A great big thank you to everyone who has bought a copy and so put this book on both the Waldenbooks Top Ten list and the Booktrack top 100 for four weeks. I’ve been so delighted by this result. And because of it, I’m celebrating. When I celebrate, I like to give my readers a chance to celebrate too – so watch out for a special contest coming up here on My Tote Bag. I’ve got together with a very special friend of mine, and a writer I truly admire – Michelle Reid - to bring you some prizes I hope you’ll really want to win. That’s coming soon, so look out for it.

And I’m busy with new plans and ideas for a big Christmas Contest on my own web site – details of this will be posted early in November – so why not drop by and see if you can win a Christmas Stocking Stuffed with Books. Other new plans are going to include a total revamp of my web site, with the new look launching in the New Year – I’m working on that at the moment. The launch of the new look site is specially to celebrate the fact that in June 2007, I shall have my 50th title for Harlequin published so there are going to be some very special ‘Golden’ celebrations then.

So there’s plenty coming up – I just have to find the time to write as well. Susan (Hi Susan!) says she needs to be twins – I think I need to be triplets. But one thing I’m going to make sure I do is to visit here as often as I can. What I was wondering was what do you want to know about most? Do you want to know what I’m working on ? (A handsome Greek who’s just discovered that the wife he thought he hated is back in his life . . . ) Or what I’m reading ( There’s a Susan Stephens' Sheikh in my TBR pile, several books from the newest of the new Presents authors, the new Michelle Reid. . . )

What would you like to read about in this blog? You tell me or ask questions – and I’ll try to answer.

Just don’t tell my editor – promise!

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