Saturday, October 28, 2006

Susan Stephens - I need to be twins?

'I need to be twins'

I remember my mother saying that, and I'm sure you're familiar with the saying too.

Trouble is, twins wouldn't be nearly enough people to handle my day to day chaos.

Plus, they'd all have to be experts to get things finished, instead of running round in circles as I do most of the time.

Expert chef? Over here please...






Dog walker?

100's more- and we haven't even started on the writing yet.

Today my hairdresser asked me would I like a head massage as I looked a little stressed...

'Stressed?' I screeched. 'Whaddyamean, stressed?!!!

Somehow he talked me into it.

I fidgetted for the first 60 seconds and then subsided into a wibbly wobbly dream state.


Ladies, treat yourselves. Do it now. Don't wait. Pick up a couple of romance books from your local store and give yourself a break... I know you need some 'me' time just as much as me.

Love to all, and happy reading everyone!



kimmi said...

A head massage sounds wonderful! But the real question to my mind, Susan, is -- is your hair dresser a gorgeous man? :) That wouldn't just be heaven - it would be sexy too! LOL

Just got your book in the mail today and can't wait to read Shahin's story. I've been waiting for this a very long time!

Sophia said...

Susan, I can really relate to your post about needing to be twins. I have six kids and when they were younger, I think I walked around for a long time in a haze, just feeling invisible! I still have days when I wish I had 4 extra sets of hands so I could get everything done. Having six boys is wonderful but I haven't been very successful in teaching them to pick up after themselves!

I definitely need some 'me' time each weekend and I get it by losing myself in some great romances. I used to mostly read historical romance and only recently started reading category romances. I think the Presents line is one I could easily get hooked on.

Your book sounds like fun and talking to Lee has gotten me very curious about the Sheikh books so I'll definitely be picking up yours to read soon.