Monday, October 30, 2006

Hi from Sandra

Hello everyone and thank you, Lee, for inviting me to blog with all of you. I'm new to blogging but it didn't take me long to decide that I love it. The only problem is finding time...

But I thought I'd drop by, greet everyone (Hi Kate, hi Susan) and take a minute to relax. I also wanted to show you the cover of my new book, THE SICILIAN'S CHRISTMAS BRIDE, on the shelves right now. Readers and reviewers say it's the perfect holiday story: full of emotion and, as always, with a to-die for, gorgeous Alpha hero. His name is Dante Russo and he does have a heart... if Tally can only find it.span>..


Debora said...

Great to see you here, Sandra! As you know, I really loved THE SICILIAN'S CHRISTMAS BRIDE and I highly recommend it!

Danielle said...

Hi Sandra, I second the motion on how good The Silician's Christmas Bride is. I have a book pal who lives in England and this book was on her "wish list." Of course I brought two copies from and mailed her one copy. She was so surprised and thrilled.

Sandra Marton said...

How nice to find such lovely comments waiting for me! Debora, thank you again for your kind words. Your review is up at my site,
And Danielle, what a good friend you are, to send your friend a copy of the book. She'll be especially pleased, I bet, because otherwise she'd have to wait until next Christmas, when The Sicilian's Christmas Bride is published in the UK as a special single title!