Saturday, August 12, 2017

Summer Holidays? Kate Walker

It’s still supposed to be summer. At least that’s what the calendar says.  August  - is part of summer isn’t it?  Though I have to admit that, listening to the rai lashing against the windows as I write this, it doesn’t seem that way, It feels a lot  more like autumn – sorry, Fall – with a nip in the air and a
wind whistling round the chimney. 

In the UK the  schools are still closed and the children on holiday so everywhere is busier than normal.  If we go out, travel anywhere by train or bus, the seats are full of boys and girls, all glad to be out of the classrooms and enjoying their free time. So right now, for me, it’s a good time to be staying at home and writing.  It’s cool enough to work, damp enough to want to stay indoors, and I can get the peace and quiet I want sitting at ,y desk and enjoying the company of my characters.
So as far as I’m concerned, August can stay like this for a while. I’m glad to pause and take a breath. 

  You see,  July is always a pretty hectic time for me and my DH. We have the UK’s Romantic Novelists’ Association Conference  which this year was held in  Telford, Shropshire. That was  a fun get together of so many romantic fiction writers-  or would-be romantic fiction writers – lots of great workshops, discussions, debates,  excellent meals and a little bit of wine drinking.  Oh, and a quiz – our team (myself, DH and  4 friends) won the quiz, if only by half a mark!

We had time to come home, do some laundry, arrange for a changeover of cat-sitters, and then we set off again – for Wales this time.  As always we headed for Fishguard and the wonderful Writers’ Holiday.   More workshops, more talking, more discussion, more eating – the food in Fishguard is always good and plentiful. Another quiz – which our team won again,  this time by 5 points!  Oh yes, and the usual wonderful ending to the holiday listening to the fabulous sound of a Welsh Male Voice Choir.  We were all in tears by then at the thought that so sadly  this was the last summer Writers’ Holiday. (But we will be back again for February!)

After we arrived home, we had to set out again – this time for my DH to appear and do a signing in a bookshop in York – August 1st is Yorkshire Day – so as a Yorkshireman  born and bred, his books on Yorkshire history and crime were very popular. I’m always happy to visit this wonderful city so  I didn’t even mind when the rain started – there were plenty of shops to visit!

So that was July. And I’m sure you can understand why I feel glad to snatch a break and stay inside at home and actually do some writing! I have a book to finish and send in to my editor before September – because in September it all starts again – There’s a trip to London  for the Association of Mills and Boon Authors lunch. A Conference in Liverpool  (DH is speaking there so hopefully I can find it a bit of a break ) . . . another writing weekend to plan and teach.

Funny thing is, DH and I are supposed to be retired!  But then I suppose writers never really retire.  Certainly my husband never did – he’s written more since he left his fulltime job than he ever did before.

So – summer holidays?  Er, no – we plan (fingers crossed ) for a short break later in the year. I won’t mind where or what the weather’s going to be like because I have a pile of books to be read that
would challenge the Eiffel Tower in height.

And of course, by then I will have hopefully finished off the revisions on this book and maybe even started on another . . .

What’s that they say about no peace for the wicked? Well, all I can think is that I must have been very
very bad – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hope your summer is fun – whatever the weather.

I've been slow writing this year so there isn't a new title out until January - which I'll tell you about just as soon as I get the full title and cover details - but until then you can keep up to date with all my news on my web site blog page  or my Facebook page   where you can find out when I have new books appearing in the shops.


dstoutholcomb said...

Summer is busy here, too!


Kate Walker said...

I hope it's a fun sort of busy, Denise - and not just hard work. Enjoy what's left of the smmer.