Sunday, October 09, 2016

Seeking hero inspiration - Kandy Shepherd

Hello from Greece! I'm on the last day of a fabulous ten days in Crete. What a wonderful place - history (in spades!), hospitable people, great food and the most beautiful waters I've swum in.

The water is important as I've just completed a guided swim trip of six days swimming in glorious waters off the south coast of Crete - clean, clear and in hues ranging from palest aqua through cerulean blue. Swimmers' heaven!

But for romance readers the water might not be what they most admire about Greece. Yes, there is good reason for the enduring popularity of the Greek hero - Greek men really are handsome and charming and very manly! What inspiration for a romance writer. I was actually on deadline while away and had the delicious experience of writing in Greece surrounded by hero material wherever I looked.

Egged on by some fellow (female!) swimmers, I actually asked a perfect hero could I take his photo as we all thought he was so handsome. He smilingly obliged. I'd love to share the photo but it would possibly be an invasion of privacy for me to publish. But watch out for a particularly attractive Greek hero coming in a romance novel from me soon!

I have two novels featuring Greek heroes from Harlequin Romance coming up: Greek Tycoon's Mistletoe Proposal in November and Conveniently Wed to the Greek sometime next year. Now I have inspiration for many more!

Do you have a favorite romance hero? I'd love to read your comments. I'll be in transit on the long flight home but will reply as soon as I can get online!

PS. I can't seem to load new photos on intermittent Internet for travelers !

Kandy Shepherd


Laney4 said...

Right now my romance hero would be Jake Marlowe from your book, The Bridesmaid's Baby Bump. Ooh la la and hubba hubba! I can still feel their love and passion.... Definitely sweet dreams material!
Thanks for sharing the love - and I hope you have recovered/are recovering well from your trip!

Kandy Shepherd said...

Thank you Laney, I'm so glad you liked Jake - I adored writing him. Right from when he first appeared in GIFT-WRAPPED IN HER WEDDING DRESS I liked him and was really looking forward to his story. The trip was fantastic, thank you.