Monday, September 19, 2016

Maggie Marr: Beck: A Hollywood Hitman

What is it about anything *new*? A new year conjures up the idea of a fresh start and brilliant changes with new goals and new ideas. A new school year, that was always exciting when I was a kid, with the thought of how I and my classmates had changed over the summer. Even things as ubiquitous as a new outfit or new shoes? I think *new* is exciting for me because of the idea of fresh start, a new journey, the unknown, and a brave adventure. 

I know for me this past spring was all about my *NEW* series and writing the first book(s) in what I hope will become a series beloved by my readers. These books allow me (as do all my Hollywood books) to take the tidbits of my past and day job and spin them into fabulous fiction. Also, I got to stretch my romantic-suspense muscles something I haven't really done since finishing Hollywood Hit.

Beck Tatum is a fabulously sexy man with a mysterious past. He is a man of honor and a man who has lost his memory, his job, and the woman he loves. Now he's been offered a second-chance in the form of a job. In this job he'll protect a high-value private asset--Natalie Warner. I hope you enjoy Beck. 

Natalie Warner can’t ignore the risk any longer. A star on the rise, her latest film is on track to be the biggest box office breaker of the summer but Natalie isn’t safe. Someone is after her. Could it be her angry addict father, or her mother who always wanted to be a star herself? What about her ex-boyfriend who just did time? The Studio refuses to ignore the threat and forces Natalie to take on a bodyguard, but that bodyguard comes in the shape of rugged, irresistible Beck Tatum, because whoever is after Natalie isn’t going to stop until someone makes them. 

A question, wrapped in a riddle, Beck Tatum doesn’t know what part of the government he worked for before he lost his memory or what exactly his mission was. He can remember that he loved and that he lost that woman as well as his memories on that final mission. Now with a second chance, he’s assigned to protect a high-value asset. Rich and entitled but yet kind and vulnerable, Natalie Warner isn’t the spoiled rich woman Beck expected. But falling for her would put her life on the line and Beck is't about to lose anything else.

Maggie Marr has fifteen years in the Hollywood trenches. She's been an agent and is now and entertainment attorney and a producer. She has loads of stories...  You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and at 

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