Sunday, May 22, 2016

Resolutions for a Writer’s Retreat by Joanne Walsh

I am feeling so excited—and lucky!  Next weekend, I leave for a mini-retreat in Portugal with the writing group I belong to.  Four of us will spend a week in a villa by the Atlantic Ocean with the intention of write, write, writing.  For me, it’s a key event, because I’ll be starting work on my next novel for Tule Publishing, the first in a trilogy about three Greek millionaires (titles to be decided).

While this is definitely a welcome break from everyday routines, a chance to focus without the usual interruptions, I am mindful that being in such a lovely location could bring distractions of its own! As Brits who live with a fair bit of rain and grey skies, just being in the sunshine will cause us to go slightly crazy and just want to sit (or lie) and soak it up.  Then there is the food, the wine, the pretty places nearby to visit and walks on the beach…

So, the group has agreed that each morning over breakfast we will discuss a daily timetable, where some downtime is allowed, but our novels will take priority.  I know we will also spend time talking about writing too, which personally I find really stimulating; it’ll be great to have other heads on hand to help brainstorm plot and character directions.  But I shan’t forget to raise a glass of Vinho Verde to you all while I’m there!


Michelle Monkou said...

Have a fantastic time. Even if writing production isn't through the roof, your body, mind, and spirit will be revived and it's still a win. So enjoy every minute of it and the fabulous company you'll be surrounded Portugal!!! :-)

dstoutholcomb said...

Enjoy the retreat!


Anne McAllister said...

I'm glad you're going to be basking in the sun (and slaving away at your book) while I'm here battling mine to a standstill in my messy office. I'll be thinking of you!