Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Keyword of the Day -- Passion by Michelle Monkou

Feels like our iconic celebrities have seemingly passed into the afterlife without pause for us to grieve and get over the shock of one before another leaves us. It's my take on life that each of these individuals provides a lesson that we could stand to learn and apply to our own lives. 

With Author Sherrilyn Kenyon
No matter how they died, they accomplished a lot because of AND through their passion. And so the keyword for the day is passion

We all have something that makes us passionate. It can be simply reading, reading aloud, reading to children. And no matter what you do in your day job or as your hobby, you will find that time to read. 

If you are away from home, you will curl up in your new place and read. Why? Because you LOVE to read. 

Your mind would constantly wander to the next opportunity to read.

This passion to read would be so intense that if you were hooked up to bio-feedback machines, your body's responses would register that it's in a happy state.  In other words, there is a particular partnership between intensity and passion. Some will understand (finding your tribe) and some won't (the haters, the negatives, the moodkillers). That's okay. The passion is your unique marker on your life.

With RWA's Executive Director Allison Kelley
My passion is writing. I have written school papers, college papers, short books, and long novels. I've written poetry, magazine articles, and contributed to major national newspaper's blog. Paid or unpaid, I wrote. Graded or not, I wrote. If only one person, as the teacher, or an internationally-wide readership read my work, I wrote.

Hours have been spent on this passion. Days of my life have been spent on this passion. Thousands of dollars have been spent on this passion. Writing is my life. 

And so when I pass onto the afterlife, I hope that my love of what I've done is duly noted and that I have not squandered time not feeding this passion.

With Author Nora Roberts & friend and critique partner Julia Canchola
What is your passion? 

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my passion is writing