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Lucy Monroe Recommends: Mediterranean Men

The Mediterranean is on my mind as I am heading out for a three week writing retreat and research trip to Sicily where I will be visiting my niece and her Navy husband.  We'll be taking them on a much needed Mediterranean Cruise.  (Yes, travel is absolutely necessary for realism in my books, thank you very much.)  The beauty of the area (and the men!) makes it a perfect setting for a great romance and I am excited to recommend a few great reads for you while I'm gone.
Tara Pammi is known for writing passionate stories that showcase strong willed and somewhat arrogant Alpha males, who change their way of being when they meet even stronger willed women.  I know a few of us out there have had daydreams of trying to tame a Mediterranean man… or two.
Tara’s most recent release, BOUGHT FOR HER INNOCENCE, tells the story of Jasmine Douglas who is forced to put her virginity up for sale and can only rely on a man she hates, Greek Tycoon Dmitri Karegas, for help in deciding what her future holds.  The passion between these two dynamic characters is sure to leave you enthralled for each turn of the page.
The Mediterranean man featured in Caitlin Crews' newest book, UNWRAPPING THE CASTELLI SECRET, has the protagonist, Lily Holloway, so desperate to deny her passion for him that she claims amnesia.  The love affair between her and her Italian stepbrother, Rafael Castelli, is something that she so badly wants to block but the attraction between them still holds her in its clutches.
The rebuilding of their relationship is written in a way that draws you in and you fall in love with both of them. Every emotion is felt here, hurt, sadness , heartbreak and joy and best of all forgiveness. Enjoy how he tries to convince her that she knows him , Another fantastic book by Ms. Crews as always.”-Amazon Reviewer
Romance author icon and personal hero, Carole Mortimer was born in the United Kingdom and has written almost two hundred contemporary and Regency romance novels.  She is a USA Today Bestselling author and was recently granted the RWA Lifetime Achievement Award, so it is no surprise that she has a novel on my recommended reads list.
DEVIL LOVER (this month's flashback) tells the story of a powerful Greek magnate named Andreas Vatis.  After a car accident, his wife was seduced and, in a turn of events, the man’s daughter that took Andreas’ wife is hired as a governess in Andreas’ household.  Once he realizes who she is and who her father is, Andreas demands she repays what her father took from him by becoming his wife. 
Scarlet Wilson lives in Scotland and has spent the last twenty years working in health services.  She has trained and worked as a nurse, a health visitor and now works in the public health.  She has been writing since she was a child and once she found the medical romance genre, she was hooked!
In HIS LOST-AND-FOUND BRIDE, Scarlet tells the story of Lucia Moretti’s return back to Tuscany after being away for twelve years.  The usually cool, calm, and collected Lucia feels a rush of emotions she is not used to once she lays eyes upon her ex-lover, architect Logan Cascini.  They both begin to learn how to let the past go and discover what the future holds in store for them.
On November 16th, my TAMING THE BILLIONAIRE Box Set from Harlequin is going to be released and has a couple of great Mediterranean heroes for you.  In the Box Set is ONE NIGHT HEIR, PRINCE OF SECRETS, THE SHY BRIDE, and THE GREEK'S PREGNANT LOVER. 
In ONE NIGHT HEIR, you get the opportunity to meet Crown Prince Maksim.  He is determined to give his country a much needed an heir and soon discovers his lover, Gillian Harris, is unable to conceive.  That is until he spends one last night in her bed and she becomes pregnant!
PRINCE OF SECRETS showcases Prince Demyan who is willing to do whatever is needed to protect his country, even if that means seducing Chanel Tanner into marriage.  His discovery that she is a virgin brings about an even bigger shock to himself....he has a conscience!
What is the thought of a Mediterranean man without the thought of seduction?  Greek tycoon Neo Stamos wants Cass with a desire he has never felt before, even though Cass is a sweet and very shy woman.  With some master seduction techniques, will Neo get what he wants in THE SHY BRIDE?
In THE GREEK'S PREGNANT LOVER, billionaire Zephyr Nikos has come a long way from where he came, the streets of Athens, but his dark hearted nature still portrays his past.  He has never promised or delivered Piper Madison his love, but what will he do when her pregnancy test comes back positive?
With more than 7 million copies of her books in print worldwide, award winning and USA Today bestseller  Lucy Monroe has published over 60 books and had her stories translated for sale all over the world.  While she writes multiple subgenres of romance, all of her books are sexy, deeply emotional and adhere to the concept that love will conquer all.  A passionate devotee of romance, she adores sharing her love for the genre with her readers.

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