Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Childhood BFFs Still Rock After 20 Years

Before there were acronyms, like BFF, we all probably have had a best friend in our early days of the school experience. i was lucky to have such a friend, Gayatri, when we attended the same elementary school in Guyana. It might have been possible that our parents' friendship fostered our friendship, since I would go to visit, alongside my parents.

And so we were inseparable, taking photos, playing games, going on trips with her family. We never imagined that we would be pulled apart by my parents' decision to live in America. With promises that we would write (remember this is before the Internet), our friendship was tested by the long distance.

By the time I returned to Guyana, we were young adults with significant others. She'd married her Englishman, I'd married my American dude. Under the tropical sun, we caught up with each other's life, enjoying how far we'd come as young girls with large dreams.

Then Gayatri moved to England. On a trip to attend a wedding, I also headed to England. By then, she had her first child and I got to hang out with her for a few days in Cambridge. Now, we were on the roller coaster ride of life where she followed her husband's work assignments off the beaten track for tourists. I had my two children, worked, and pretty much stayed on this side of the hemisphere.

Twenty years later, Gayatri was back in England after her husband's final overseas assignment.  Once again, with perfect timing, I was heading to London, and this time, with my daughter. We had a great visit and shared a tasty meal at Dijoom restaurant featuring Bombay cuisine (I took a photo with our waitress).

Now we have Facebook to be the bridge between our visits. It was great seeing her and reminiscing about our childhood. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but here's to a BFF who was more like a sister in my childhood.

Call, send a note, or text your BFF. Let them know that they are on your mind. If you'll be seeing them soon, give them a big hug. BFFs rock!


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dstoutholcomb said...

MY BFF's birthday is 9/5--will be in contact with her then. Haven't seen her for 2 years! We were each other's honor attendants in our weddings. 25 years of friendship!