Friday, July 17, 2015

Susan Stephens: My Cosmic Hot Shorts Series

Hello! It's great to have the opportunity to be chatting with you again. Thank you, Lee for hosting me on your site!

Today sees the release -  on Amazon Kindle only -  of the 4th novella in my Cosmic Hot Shorts series. The Bride Wore Red at the Ladies Club has everything you would expect in a Susan Stephens hot contemporary romance: a red-hot hero, a strong heroine, and in this Cosmic Hot Short series, a group of girlfriends who stick together through thick and thin.

When ruthless billionaire Jack Castle arrives in town intending to buy up everything in sight, he finds one feisty obstacle standing in his way in the sexy, full-figured form of Lady Arabella Frost. 
Determined not to lose her ancestral home Arabella prepares to stand and fight, but Arabella has troubles of her own at home to contend with, in the form of a mean and violent husband. 

Chilling domestic violence hovers in the background of this passionate tale of two strong characters who come together to oppose each other, only to discover that that the attraction between them is too strong to fight. 

I hope you enjoy reading Jack and Arabella's journey from the rainy streets of a country town, to a grand historic mansion, and on to the romantic cobbled passageways of Paris; a city where the iconic Eiffel Tower has never seen such heated activity.

Have a great summer! And if you happen to be in New York next week, do come and see me at the signing at the Romance Writers of America national convention at the Times Square Marriott hotel!

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