Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Zone Authors Crave....

As I begin to compose this post, I realized -- and really for the first time since I started posting here -- that my scheduled day IS the beginning day of all four seasons. I never noticed that before! Uh-DUH!!  Worse, I just checked my last post and it was on the Spring Equinox - in MARCH! 

So -- apologies for once again falling off the face of the earth! Since March, I've written another book -- my next Harlequin Historical - Scotland, Highlanders, brave and brawny men and the women who bring them to their knees! All good!  Since March, I suffered the first and second-worst asthma attack of my life -- spring allergies killed me. And since March, I spent 17 days in. . . this place. . . 

Standing Stones at Drombeg

Cliffs of Moher

Poulnabrone Passage tomb

Waterford Castle

Kilmalkedar Church

View from Slea Head

 I spent 17 wonderful days in Ireland -- mostly to see places I need to use in an upcoming book, but also to see Ireland. I spent the first 5 days on my own - driving my little Irish car on LITTLE Irish roads, visiting standing stones, burial cairns and any megalithic site I could find in the north-west coast. Poulnabroune, Knocknarea, Carrowmore and more -- all magical! 

Then I joined up with writer friends to see the south-eastern and central areas - and then we headed for a writers' week on the Dingle peninsula. It was simply incredible - the views were unmatched and I watched some of the most beautiful sunsets ever. We visited neolithic and medieval sites and ruins AND, in a serendipitous twist, spent several hours interviewing the leading archeologist of the area! My thanks to Eileen Dreyer, author and tourguide extraordinaire!, for arranging the "50 Shades of Green" was everything I could have wanted on my first trip to Ireland. 

But the zone authors crave is not really visiting the location of the next book - though that IS wonderful. It is finding that place in our creative brain where and when the story magic happens. It's the place where the voices stop screaming and begin to tell the story and reveal their secrets. It's the place, for me, where the book writes itself. 

And whether brought on by the magical trip to Ireland and/or the deadline pressure, I came back from my trip and wrote half the book in 2 weeks! The characters spoke to me. The scenes unfolded before my eyes. And best, I reached a place in the story when I had to stuff tissues in the neckline of my pjs because I was crying so much while writing the scenes! I love that place! Writing friends have asked me to take a selfie of it, but that won't happen...! LOL! 

So, my question to you as Summer 2015 begins is - do you have a 'zone'? It could be while doing something you enjoy - reading, a craft, your work? It could be a place you go to 'zone-out' - the beach, the mountains, vacation. It could be any place or space when you lose yourself and just live in that zone.  Post a comment and tell me about it and I'll pick a couple of people who will receive a book and a souvenir from Ireland....! 

 Terri is home now and writing her next book - Blazing Earth - the third in her Stone Circle series for NAL. BTW - the 4th and final book will end at Drombeg Stone Circle in a cataclysmic battle between good and evil for the future of humanity! Visit her website or her FB page or profile for lots more info! 

Happy Summer Solstice to you all! 


Lil said...

I have found that my bed is my oasis/zone. Because I work regular days and am on call most of the time, getting the chance to laze in bed is particularly treasured. And because I can read and completely relax, I often find myself inspired by stray thoughts or find random solutions to situations/problems that had eluded me during the business of the day.
little lamb lst @ yahoo dot com

traveler said...

My ultimate favorite locale to treasure is the beach. Relaxing, tranquil and a place that is an escape from stress and life.

Marissa Yip-Young said...

I just want to go everywhere ~

petite said...

I enjoyed your wonderful post filled with beauty, emotion and the best of all a meaningful message which resonates with me greatly. When I read I am transported to another realm, era, locale and am swept along on this memorable journey which captivates my heart and soul. Especially so when I am reading and I am so immersed within the pages that I cannot extricate myself, and would love this feeling to last forever. At the beach and on a neverending vacation.

Jen said...

I do have a "zone" and I find it when a book catches me and grabs me so intensely that I will carry the book or my kindle with me everywhere until I have devoured every last word. When that happens to me it reminds me why I read and review books, to find those gems which I use sticky notes in or almost break the highlight function on my kindle. It's a great zone to be in!


Mary Preston said...

I find my zone on a daily basis as I walk through the park. It's peaceful, calming and regenerative.

Alina P said...

I have a "zone" when I read. It really doesn't matter where I am :)

Laurie G said...

I swim for an hour every day. I recharge my batteries and re-energize myself.

I'd love to visit Ireland via your experience!

Laney4 said...

When I want to write poetry, my zone is in the car's passenger seat while my husband is driving. I am not distracted by neighbors dropping in, phones ringing, and just life in general. The only deterrent is that I don't have an iPhone with Internet to look up synonyms, etc. (as I go for my $12/mth cell phone that texts and takes pictures only). Still ... my mind is open to endless possibilities.

Eli Yanti said...

beach for me :)