Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Susan Stephens: Why Polo?

Hello! Its so good to be here chatting to you again :)

Today I thought Id answer the question Im always asked in regard to my Acosta polo series, and my latest Hot Brazilian Nights polo series: Why Polo?

I love horses. I love hot guys. I love hot guys on horseback. I love hot, wild polo guys on horseback in particular.

Plus, who doesnt love a cowboy? And my polo guys are ranchers first, and polo players second. Close to the earth, they are strong and loyaland their animals love them! What more do I need to say J

And now I have a confession to make. Im sure you know my own, personal Love At First Sight story by now, Im sure:  met my husband on a Monday, engaged by Friday and married 3 months later...

We met in Maltaa tiny jewel of an island, packed with history in the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Sicily. And he played polo. Not the groomed variety, but the wild, no holds barred variety on the wildest of ponies. Once seen, never forgotten. Did I have to think twice? Hmmm. No.

So now you know why I have an obsession with mad, bad polo players with a dangerous glint in their eyes.

Which brings me on to my latest Hot Brazilian Nights series did I mention that my preference is for hunky, swarthy men?

Book 1. In my Hot Brazilian Nights series is called, In the Brazilians debt, and is available for pre-order now, with a release date in March

Paying for the past...
Lady Elizabeth Fane has two choices: lose her familys Scottish stud farm or swallow her pride and beg Chico Fernandez for help. Shed never forgiven the arrogant Brazilian polo star for abandoning her years before, so instead she will collect on the debt he owes her.

Yet in the sultry Brazilian heat passions flare, revealing feelings Lizzie thought she had long conquered. That until Chico finally reveals the truth behind his desertion and Lizzie realises that he not only has power over her body, but its she who is in the Brazilians debt.

For more info jon the series, just follow this link: to the dedicated pages on my web site where you can meet the muses for the characters on team Thunderbolt! and learn more about my inspiration for this series.

Chico Fernandez. Age: 30
Single. And no wonder!
Arrogant Brazilian polo player Chico Fernandez has never had his heart brokensome say, because Chico doesnt have a heart to break. Running the worlds top-class polo training school is more than a hobby for gaucho polo international Chico, it is his life, his passion, and his obsession. Few pupils make the grade. Few survive his relentless training methods. It would take an exceptional woman to not just to survive, but to thrive and to conquer the heart of this cold, seemingly heartless man.

Lizzie Fane (Lady Elizabeth Fane) Age: 26
Shrewd, focused and determined, Lizzie may be young, and a difficult childhood may have made her wary, but when life gets tough Lizzie gets going. Taking on the responsibility for the stud farm her grandmother built up, Lizzie handles everything that comes her wayincluding an impossibly arrogant man from her troubled past. Grit, skill, and dogged determination, allows strong-willed Lizzie to go head to head with the most impossible man in the polo world, Chico Fernandez.



What was it about music and sex? The rhythm, he decided. Dancing was the perfect prelude to sex. Lizzies breathing had quickened, and her heart was pounding furiously against his chest. What was in her head? Raw sex was swirling round them, and that couldnt be helping Miss Prim right now. All the other dancers were intent on each other, and no doubt, the inevitable outcome of the evening for them. How did Lizzie think this would end? With a good nights sleep?
Dont fight me,he murmured, his mouth close to her ear. Once a day during training sessions, thats okay. Here on the dance floor? No.
Stop,she warned him in a whisper.
Stop? Of course Ill stop, if you want me to.
Her answer was to shake her head as if she had given up on trying to reason with him, but she didnt pull away and that brought more of her into contact with him. That brought all of her into contact with him.
You are a very bad man,she chastened him and, unless he was imagining things, seemingly enjoying the fact.
Im glad we understand each other at last,he murmured.

I hope you enjoy reading about my hot guys as much as I enjoyed falling down the rabbit hole and joining their lives!

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With my warmest good wishes to all my wonderful readers for allowing me to share my dreams.



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