Saturday, September 20, 2014

Can You Be Homesick for a Place Where You've Never Lived?

I always thought you had to have lived in a place in order to be homesick for it. But, I discovered on my first trip to Scotland in 2002, that I was wrong. As soon as I landed, 2 days late and alone and rushing to catch up with the group in Pitlochry, I knew I'd come home. 

   And, I really thought that my recent illness had caused such strange feelings throughout the trip and on my way back home. But, when I visited Scotland again in 2004, I knew I'd returned home...again. 

   Over these last several weeks, the need to go back has been increasing almost on a daily basis. The premiere of the OUTLANDER series on Starz with its wonderful scenery and history and, ok-shallow-gal-here, hunky Highlanders in kilts with scrumptious Scottish accents has made it nearly unbearable. 

  So, I've been posting photos on my FB page and reliving my most recent visit there in 2009. I'd decided I wanted to go and stay long enough to feel as though I was not simply a tourist. My trip was just over 3 weeks long -- and I went solo! My hubby valiantly (and with a painful expression in his eyes that said please say no) offered to come with me but I knew it would not be pleasant for him....and would ruin my trip. 

With maps, a reservation for a GPS in the rental car, off I went from Glasgow out to Oban, up to Dornie and over to Skye. Ferries took me to Mull and Iona and Lewis and Harris. Then, after a stay in Inverness, I headed north to Orkney. More ferries and then down to Aberdeen and St. Andrews. Finally across to Loch Ness and a stay in Glenmoriston before heading back to the US. 

And I know I need to get back there....soon....absolutely, positively must. 

How about you? Is there a place, near or far, where you've felt that same thing? As though it is where you should be? As though you leave a piece of yourself behind when you go? 

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Liz Flaherty said...

I loved this! I have always felt a little embarrassed because the first time I went to Vermont, I knew I was home. It still doesn't make sense to me, but I love being there. (And it's much easier and cheaper to reach than Scotland. )

Janine said...

I have had the same feeling when I went to Hawaii. It really did feel like a sense of home and the only place I was ever truly happy.

Mary Preston said...

No, I have not had that feeling, but Scotland does beckon.