Sunday, June 22, 2014

Katherine Garbera: In The Heat Of The Night

Hello, readers!  Sunday mornings always remind me of a big breakfast cooked by my mom and dad, classical music or opera on the radio and long lazy days after we got home from church.  This small town upbringing is at the heart of my upcoming release IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT. 

Meg Sterling made a huge deal out of leaving her small town of Twin Palms, Florida.  She threw herself a party, said ‘Goodbye, Losers!’ and left.  Now five years later she’s back to regroup and figure out her next move.  Fame didn’t come for her but she still hasn’t let go of her dreams.  This time though she knows that the spotlight isn’t necessarily what she wants.

I’m a little bit like Meg because I started out in a small town.  For IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT I modeled my fictional Twin Palms after Auburndale.  I also wanted something bigger than I thought I could find there.  But I’m not ballsy at all.  So while privately I might have thought someday I’m going to make it big, outwardly I never said a word.

There’s just something about small town’s that is appealing and Meg had forgotten that because she was so caught up in her own agenda.  Trying to do what she wanted and get that illusive shot at fame.  But now that she’s back and older…isn’t it funny how turning thirty makes you take stock in your life?  That was the case for me and it is for Meg as well.

She finds she really likes her hometown especially the hot new firefighter.  Only he’s distracting and making her question her dreams and if she really wants to get back to the big city lights.

Rory O’Roarke is a firefighter like all the O’Roarkes.  He gave it up for love and that went sour.  So now he’s returned to the one thing that he’s always known—firefighter, but he’s not as sure of himself as he was before.  He’s thirty-three and sort of figured he’d have life sorted out by now. 

Here’s a little blurb from IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT

All it takes is a spark!
Meg Starling has come back to her small Florida hometown to start over.  After spending five years in New York fighting to get her own TV show, she almost ready to admit defeat. Then a call from a producer changes everything.  Now she’s got one last chance to make it big……and nobody’s going to get in her way.  Not even a hunky, drop-dead sexy, absolutely irresistible firefighter…
Rory O’Roarke is new in town, but it hasn’t taken the new guy at the firehouse long to scope out what he wants – Meg, the gorgeous girl next door. But Rory has his own issues--an incident at his last fire has left him struggling with doubts. Can he still do the job?  All he wants is to settle down and have a normal life.  Unfortunately, the only woman he wants has no intention of staying….
 It was the worst possible time for either of them to fall in love. Then again, it’s hard to stop a wildfire once it’s burning out of control….

What about you?  Most days I’m still not sure I have life figured out.  I’m still making plans and dreaming big though.
I’m giving away the e-book version of BODY HEAT to three lucky commenters. 

***Katherine's winner is Martha Lawson!  Please email with your mailing details!***


dstoutholcomb said...

You followed your dreams to become a writer, I think that counts.

As for me, I'm stuck trying to figure out my formatting issue, I've let the dream of being published languish. Stupid, huh?

Martha Lawson said...

Sounds like a good series!

erin said...

congrats on the new release! I give mad props to anyone who follows their dream :) LOL.. each day, is a new day with new things to learn so I'm gonna have to say I'm still a work in process.

Mary Preston said...

My dreams are doable I must admit. I kind of like that though. The victory is still felt as much.

Laurie G said...

I'm content with my life. I do what I want , when I want. I'm happily married and I have 4 wonderful children.