Saturday, May 17, 2014

Nadia Lee: Three Reasons Why I Write Romance

1. Romance novels have a happy ending. Some people may call that unrealistic or foolish, and yes, I realize the world is more depressing than upbeat at times. But I don't want to subscribe to that kind of negativity. I want my readers to feel good after they read my books. And how could anyone not be happy when two people find love?

2. Heroes. Romance heroes are fun to write about. One of my readers asked me if I base my characters after people I know in real life. She was most curious about my heroes. :) I don't. My heroes are basically who I think would be the most perfect man for the heroine for any given story. So Ethan Lloyd from Reunited in Love (Hearts on the Line, Book 2) is sophisticated, sexy, rich, employed, patient, cooks like dream and has amazing stamina. Why? Because Kerri needed somebody nurturing and loving to show her she can entrust him with her heart. Meanwhile Blaine Davis from Forever in Love (Hearts on the Line, Book 5) is somewhat rough around the edges, a bit impulsive from time to time, but is very clear on what’s right and wrong because Catherine needed somebody who could make her see that she's an amazing woman, not just flashy trophy-wife material.
3. Heroines. I don't write about heroines I couldn't be friends with in real life. How can I root for a woman I don't like? :) They're generally smart, well-meaning and overcome their past to better their present and future. And I try to give them qualities that would make them perfect for their men. Amandine Monroe Lloyd from Redemption in Love (Hearts on the Line, Book 3) is so patient and loving that her husband Gavin couldn't help but realize it's okay to be emotionally open to her. It’s clear just from her personality that she'll never break his heart or stop loving him.
So now you tell me: why do you READ romance?

Nadia Lee is a contemporary romance author living in Japan with her husband and toddler boy. Her latest series is the Hearts on the Line. The first book, Vengeful in Love, is currently free on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Google Play. The latest book in the series, Forever in Love, was just released on May 12.

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