Monday, April 07, 2014

Treasure Box

I've been struggling with the wip. I mean really struggling. We all have days when the words just won't come, but I've been having weeks of those days.

I started out with this bright shiny idea, a heroine who didn't know she needed rescuing, a hero who rescues himself by helping her. I had a fabulous location - some great photographs to inspire me. And yet when I came to put it down on paper it all turned to dust.

I don't know why this happens. The story, the characters are still there, but maybe I'm tired, or suffering from SAD, or other family things are getting in the way, but I don't want to write.

Time to revisit Twyla Tharp's inspirational book, The Creative Habit. I need to start thinking outside of the box, but first I need a box. A pretty treasure box in which I can put all my inspirational stuff.

The photographs of Milan, pictures of clothes I've found on Pinterest for my heroine. Black things - because she's into black in a big way. Coloured things. Ribbon, lace, velvet. Little bits of clutter than gather in the bottom of my jewellery box for my heroine to use.

Lovely Italian things - food, fashion, style. Snatches of dialogue, glimpses of scenes, the smell of espresso, the taste of risotto Milanese, a view of snow-capped mountains and crystal blue lakes. A whole glorious sense of the story in my head that I can dive into.

What magic do you use to conjure up the inspiration muse when the writing brain has gone to sleep?

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