Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saranna DeWylde: Caramel Apples, Burning Leaves, and Blankets

I love October. I love that the leaves have started changing, the weather has cooled, and all the things I use in my decor year round are on sale. I just bought the coolest little measuring cup set from World Market that stacks up together to form a jar of "poison." It's sitting on my counter right now. 

This is the time of year that my muse is most alive. During the summer, I wilt and just want to curl up in the air conditioning and do nothing until the weather regains its common sense. 110 degrees? Go home weather, you're drunk. But as soon as the temp drops to the low 70s, I start to perk up and take notice of the world the again. My favorite sensation is to be just a little chilly. 

The fall storms are the best. I live in Kansas, so as you'd imagine, the spring is just a tiny bit insane. We still get rattled around with the fury of hell in the fall, but we're less likely to have tornadoes and it's easier to just enjoy the storm. The energy in the air does something to my creative process and I imagine it's a little bit like Frankenstein and his monster. Yeah, my poor husband has to live with me running around with my hair standing on end (maybe because I haven't brushed it, or the electricity in the air, or both) and I'm running around screaming, "It's alive," when I've finished my latest project. 

I have a blanket collection. Handmade quilts and microplush blankets are a bit of an addiction. I think because I grew up always sleeping with a quilt my grandmother or great-grandmother made. There is definitely a difference in the craftsmanship and even in the way it feels wrapped around you between something you can buy in the store and something that was made just for you.

One of my favorite things to do is curl up with my quilt, a cup of Russian Caravan tea (because it tastes like burning leaves) with the windows open and read or watch some old school horror. 

Let's not forget the candy. That, of course, is a double-edged sword. Candy corn, pumpkin shaped chocolates, pumpkin flavored everything. I love all the fall foods, best, too. Thick, hearty stews that stick to your ribs and warm your belly. Dishes that roast in the oven all day until tender... The mother of all fall treats for me though is a shiny, fresh caramel apple. I love the sheen of the caramel, the smooth perfection of that sugary jacket wrapped snug around a plump, juicy and hopefully just a bit tart, apple. I think I need one now. 

What about you? What's your favorite time of year and why? One commenter will win a copy of my newest release from Harlequin Nocturne Cravings called Claimed By the Alpha. It's about zombie werewolves, a hijacked passenger train, and a tough as nails gypsy cop heroine.

***Lori / Beautiful Disaster is the winner!  Please email with your mailing address!***


Mary Preston said...

I love Christmas & everything about it. It gives me such a warm. fuzzy feeling.

Lil said...

I must say that I love the fall and the winter for many of the reasons you list. Snuggling under blankets, reading a book with a pot of tea next to me, and the food, glorious food. Stews, casseroles, and fondue get me every time.

little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

Beautiful Disaster said...

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the hayrides and bonfires. I enjoy the cooler weather and hiking and crunching the crisp leaves underneathe my feet.
I also enjoy caramel apples.
Thanks for sharing :)

Saranna DeWylde said...

Mary- Christmas is my second favorite. I love the excitement and the warmth it brings to most people. I love the movies especially. I load up on all the Hallmark and Lifetime movies because they're all about love and redemption, my favorite themes.

Saranna DeWylde said...

Lil- Oh, the fondue! I miss it so much.

Saranna DeWylde said...

Lori- The leaves get me every time. :)

Linda Henderson said...

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the beautiful colors and Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Lory Lee said...

I'd go for Christmas too. Me and my family usually attend Christmas events together and we always put our Christmas tree together. :) It's like a bonding moment for us!