Saturday, June 01, 2013

Bonnie Vanak: Rekindling old flames

Ever think back to a former relationship and wonder what it would be like to rekindle it?
Maybe it didn’t work out because your goals and dreams were different. Or perhaps geographic differences, such as living in another state, caused too much strain.
Or maybe your father just happened to kill his entire family.
Such is the case for Phantom Wolf, my June 4 release from Harlequin Nocturne and the second book in my Navy SEALs miniseries. Sam “Shay” Shaymore is a US Navy SEAL with a bit of a difference. He possesses paranormal powers, including the ability to shapeshift into a wolf. But for all his formidable powers, Shay is vulnerable when it comes to Kelly Denning, a fellow Mage and his former love.
Shay is an Elemental Mage with far greater powers than Kelly, a lowly Arcane Mage whose people serve mainly as domestics. Kelly grew up on Shay’s estate and they became lovers.  They’d created their own secret love nest to shut away the world, until the day Kelly’s father is accused of setting the fire that killed Shay’s entire family.  After, Shay and Kelly parted ways, thinking they would never see each other again.
But years later, Kelly needs Shay and his team of SEALs to rescue a group of children missing in Honduras, children she’s been accused of kidnapping.  And when these two former lovers meet, the passion once again sparks, until neither can resist. Just a simple kiss ignites desire, as seen in this excerpt from Phantom Wolf:  
“His mouth, so firm and yet soft and warm, commanded her with each lazy stroke of his tongue. The Mage knew how to kiss, knew how to take her arousal and hike it up several notches. He kissed her into a drugged oblivion, just like that first time, as if they had all the time in the world. Everything ceased to fade except this man and his mouth working magick on hers.
He tasted like coffee and the promise of sex. He kissed like a man who knew what he wanted and would not stop until he had it. The kiss of a man who intended to tip her back on the bed, spread her legs and love her until the soft rose of sunrise peeked through the windows.”
Although Phantom Wolf is an action-packed book about paranormal Navy SEALs, it’s also about lost love and the obstacles faced by lovers from separate worlds. Time and circumstance have separated the pair, and they must learn to trust each other once more and work together to rescue the children, while fighting feelings that never truly died.
 Have you ever thought about a relationship that ended badly and what it would happen if things had worked out differently?  What would you do if you had to work with your old flame to solve a problem? Could you do it? What kind of romance novels do you enjoy reading?
One lucky winner who comments will receive an autographed print copy of The Covert Wolf, the first book in my Navy SEALs miniseries from Harlequin.
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Lory Lee said...

I like books about "Rekindling old flames". Just like what happened to Prince William and Duchess Kate. When they separated, it was also the time that Prince William couldn't live without her. It's very sweet and romantic. And I don't mind if I had to work with my ex. I think it's a good thing, because you know that person so much and you can trust him (maybe not that much) :D

Leni said...

I enjoy seeing how characters work through situations dealing with people from their past, but it isn't something I like to do in my life :) My reading taste is pretty much anything romance. I love of the sub-genres and that is what the bulk of my library consists of.

erin said...

Ooooh... one of my fav themes! Congrats on the new release and thanks for the fun post!

Mary Preston said...

I doubt very much if I could work with an old flame. We broke up for good reasons. I couldn't do it, but fun to read about.

Pat Cochran said...

Bonnie, had only 2 boyfriends in HS. One
drifted away, are still friends after 60
years. The other totally broke my heart,
saw this Marine once when he was home on
furlough. Not sure I could have a quiet
conversation with him today!

Pat C.

Stefanie said...

I've only had one boyfriend and I'm still married to him.
But if we ever break up, I can't imagine working with him. It would hurt too much and like Mary said: there would have been good reasons for the break up.

Laurie G said...

I've been married for almost 36 years so past boyfriends and second chances have not entered my mind. I was lucky they didn't work out. I could easily work with past boyfriends. Nothing ever got to engaged stage.

I love books with military heroes: Catherine, Mann, Merline Lovelace, Diane Palmer and Marlis Melton to name a few authors.

I enjoy contemps from Jill Shalvis, Rachel Gibson and Nora Roberts. I also love historicals: Karen Hawkins, Kat Martin, Lisa Kleypas, Vicky Dreiling....

Eli Yanti said...

The novel I enjoy reading is contract marriage, love with brother's friend but actually I enjoy reading all books as long as happy ending story :)

Stefanie said...

I love all kinds of novels... as long as they have a happy ending.
I read to escape reality and I don't care if the heroine and hero have to overcome a lot of troubles and bad situations, as long as it all works out in the end.