Saturday, April 07, 2012

Full Circle? - Marie Treanor

Lee, many thanks for inviting me to blog here again!

So, does anyone remember the publishing world just a few years ago? The days when e-book publishers were sneered at, and self-publishing carried a huge stigma?

I do. I remember rejecting out of hand my husband’s idea that I should self-publish and I didn’t even know what an e-book was! That was only about eight years ago. But I did investigate e-books and – wow!  The sheer breadth of imagination there took my breath away, and I had to have a go myself. I wrote and sold several romances to various e-publishers, mostly paranormals with a touch of futuristic, fantasy, suspense, humour - wherever my imagination took me, and it was fun!

Then in 2009 I was approached by a distinguished literary agent, who speedily got me a three book deal with New York publishers NAL. I couldn’t believe my luck. It was like a vindication. Those three books were the Awakened by Blood vampire romance trilogy: Blood on Silk, Blood Sin and Blood Eternal, and I was thrilled to see them out there. I still am!

And yet what’s my next big project? Returning not only to the world of e-books but to the once-rejected idea of self-publishing!

Nowadays, of course, you see well-established and highly successful authors taking the self-publishing route, and e-books have grown enormously in popularity from the days I first heard of them. So, over the next year or so, with my agent’s support, I have two, if not three series I plan to release in this way – the first, Blood Hunters, is a sequel series to Awakened by Blood and the first book, Blood Guilt should be out next month. For the rest, I just did what e-books always encouraged me to do – followed by imagination.

So have I come full-circle? Sort of, I suppose, but the circle keeps expanding as the publishing world changes out of all recognition. To me, my new ventures seem bright and new and exciting and I can’t wait to see where they take me!

What about you? As readers, do you prefer e-books or print books? Or like me do you read a mix? Are you as happy to read a self-published work as any other, providing the author and the story appeal? 

Let me know and I’ll put your name in the hat to win a download of any of my currently available e-books (except the Awakened by Blood trilogy which unfortunately I can’t get hold of in e-formats!). You can check them out on my website, Good luck!

***Marie's winner is Debby! Debby, please email me at with your mailing info.  Thank you!***


kimba88 said...

I love both print and eBook, but i have switched to almost eBooks exclusively. Why..we move a lot, and I have parted with too many books, it's green and I can carry my books with me everywhere. I think self-publishing can be great if done right.

Debby said...

I enjoy print books but take ebooks when I travel.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Mary Anne Landers said...

Thank you for your post and questions, Marie.

Call me a Luddite, but I prefer old-fashioned books, the kind made from dead trees. After a lifetime of reading them, it's hard to switch. But even I must concede that ebooks and ereaders are the wave of the future.

As for whether a book reaches me through a traditional publishing company or self-publication, to me that doesn't matter. I pick my leisure reading based on theme, not source.

Good luck with your upcoming projects!

Chrisbails said...

I love both. I still have to buy books from my fav authors. I do have a nook and a kindle app on my smartphone. I use my phone more for reading than talking(pretty bad). I don't have a preference from self-publishing or regular publishing. I think whatever makes you the best money. If it is an author I like I don't care who I purchase the book through. I just want to read it. I am a big reader and love just about any genre. Love finding new genres also. Big fan of your book Marie. Loved the Awakened by Blood Trilogy. Thanks for the giveaway.

erin said...

Thanks for the great post and giveaway!

I'd have to say I'm a mix... I have overflowing bookshelves of print and I still buy all my fav authors/series in print. I also have an overflowing Kindle as well. I've noticed, however, I'm more likely to take a chance on a new to me author, indie and all, for my Kindle. Mostly due to the prices and b/c if I don't like it, it's easier to get rid of then a print book :)

chey said...

I like both print books and ebooks.

Leni said...

I read print and ebooks. Print is still my favorite, but once I get an Ereader I'll read more ebooks.
I enjoy reading self-published books just as much as the big publishers. There are so many great self-published books out there.

Wendy S Marcus said...

I read a mix of print and e-books. I must admit, I'm wary of buying a self-published book unless I'm familiar with the author or it comes highly recommended. I've read several that were absolutely terrible. And putting them up for free does not make a difference to me.

Marie Treanor said...

Hi Kim, that makes sense, although I must admit I love having print books about the house too!

Debby, me too! Ebook readers are invaluable for travel.

Thanks to you both for your comments!


Marie Treanor said...

Thanks, Mary Anne!

There is something about the feel - and the look - of traditional books that I'll always appreciate too. I've just added ebooks to my desirable formats :). Good to hear your views!


Marie Treanor said...

Hi Chris!

Interesting - I admit I've never read on my phone. I always imagine the screen's too small for that to work well - although it obviously does for you!

Thanks for the kind words, Chris - glad you enjoyed AWAKENED BY BLOOD!


Marie Treanor said...

Hi Erin,

You're welcome!

I think that's true, especially in today's economic climate people are more likely to take a chance if they're not investing too much money. I find ebooks a great way to discover new authors.


Marie Treanor said...

Me too, Chey :).


Marie Treanor said...

You're so right, Leni! And yes, I think it's much more conveneint to read ebooks on a reader than on a computer - much more versatile :). Hope you get one soon!


Marie Treanor said...

Thanks for your comment, Wendy. I suppose we're always taking a chance trying new authors, and I'm still trying to get my head round the pros and cons of free books! Free is obviously a good way to try out new authors, but yes a bad book is always a disappointment however you acquire it :).


host said...

I read both although I still prefer printed books :)

Marie Treanor said...

Thanks for that - I think there's a time and place for both :).


Toni Anderson said...

Marie--your writing is so good I bet the new series will be wonderful. Wishing you every success on the next part of the journey!!
And I love both ebooks and paper. I just love books.

Marie Treanor said...

Aw, thank you, Toni!

Me too :)


*yadkny* said...

Honestly it doesn't matter to me how the story was published. I have found myself reading more self pubbed work, but it's the story that counts. It seems that authors feel a bit more liberated to self pub and sometimes that freedom translates very well into their work. As long as the story sounds good, then I'll read it.

Dina said...

Hi Marie I have a Nook now so if your books are offered that way I'd love to win one.


Naomi H said...

I started reading again about 18 months ago, so I was buying paperbacks, but they started to pile up, so I bought an iPad so I can download them. But I like to switch back to paperbacks too. So I still buy both.

I found after participating in the YA Scavanger Hunt last year that some of the books I wanted to read were only available as ebooks, so I was happy to buy them that way and read them through the kindle app on the iPad.