Friday, February 03, 2012

Bad Boys And Fallen Angels

With the second book in my Fallen series, HIS DARK BOND, releasing this week, I wanted to share with you my fascination (fixation) with fallen angels and bad boys.

I grew up believing I had a guardian angel watching over me. My godmother gave me a little angel pin and told me stories. That angel was all white and gold and light. She (because I was convinced I must have a girl angel, after all!) was beautiful if invisible, and, after some of the tight spots I miraculously got out of as a child, I’m not convinced guardian angels don’t exist. But that’s not the kind of angel who fascinated me today. I admit I’m drawn to the darker side of the angelic world—the Dominions. The Dominions are one of the heavenly caste, but they’re warriors and the first-line defenders of the heavenly throne. These are tough, brutal fighters—heavenly muscle.

I blame J.R. Ward for my initial fixation with the darker side of the angel world. That damn Lassiter of hers wouldn’t let go of my imagination—he’d hang with the Brotherhood of the Black Dagger and I just wanted more, more, more of him. Her Fallen Angels series simply fed my addiction. I just finished Kristina Douglas’s RAZIEL and am looking forward to starting Felicity Heaton’s series. In fact, I have a whole keeper shelf of fallen angel stories: Michale Hauf, Gena Showalter, Cynthia Eden… fortunately for me, the list keeps growing.

Why are fallen angel heroes such bad boys? They’re rule breakers, of course. The Fallen in my books, for instance, are unrepentant, determined to do what they believe is right. They’re disciplined fighters with a cause, even if that cause just might be on the wrong side of divine law. But… the terms of the Fallen’s exile certainly don’t have them living as monks. Stripped of their wings and cast down to earth, there’s one more twist to their punishment. My Fallen can’t feel, even though they have a burning hunger to do so. They’re addicts, jonesing for that emotional fix. They get it from bonding with a human—and the best way to feed the need? Is through sex.

Of course, for me, the most powerful attraction of a bad boy is the possibility of redeeming him. When the Archangel Michael exiled the Fallen from the Heavens, he held out one slim chance of redemption. If one of the Fallen found his soul mate and fell in love with her, he could be redeemed and regain his wings. Unfortunately, the Fallen have been searching for three thousand years without any luck… but that’s about to chance. In HIS DARK BOND, Zer, the leader of the Fallen, unexpectedly discovers his soul mate—right as all hell is about to break. He’ll have to wage the ultimate war of seduction to win her over and earn his wings back.

He needed her to listen to him.  Needed her to obey.
Fortunately for them both, he was very, very good at making humans do what he needed them to do.
Deliberately, he crowded her with his large body, trapping her against the expensive leather seats.  Immediately, she tried to slide away from him, but he wasn’t having that.  Inexplicably, he wanted her–he needed her–just as close as he could get her.  This close, he could taste the delicious heat and scent of her skin.  He didn’t want her to be afraid of him. No, what he wanted was to stroke his thumbs along the sweat-slicked line of her collarbone.  Follow that feminine shadow with his tongue.  His teeth.

So who is your favorite bad boy angel? How does he redeem himself by the end of his story? Leave a comment—one randomly chosen person will win a signed set of Fallen books (print copies of Bond with Me and His Dark Bond and, yes, international readers are welcome!).


***Artemis is the winner of the signed set of Fallen Books! Congratulations!  Artemis, please email with your full name and mailing address.***


cait045 said...

My favorite bad boy is Patch from Hush, Hush. I haven't read the third book yet but I can't wait to see how it ends for him.


CrystalGB said...

My favorite is Nalini Singh's Raphael. He falls in love with Elena and he becomes less vicious.

Jean P said...

I enjoyed reading about Keenan from Cynthia Eden's Angel of Darkness.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

bas1chs said...

Honestly I haven't read much of this genre but from your blog post I am so ready to pick up your two books and check it out. Your description of the fallen angels seems to fit right what I am looking for!

Barbara said...

My favorite bad boy fallen angel is Adrian Vogal from J.R. Ward's Fallen Angel series. He redeems himself by helping his fellow team of FA's ensure good conquers evil in the battles they fight.

Artemis said...

I've been caught in an historical romance rodeo lately and fallen way behind in my paranormal reading. No favorite on the fallen bad boy - yet.

I do love that excerpt: Needed her to obey.

cindersmaria AT yahoo DOT com

Mariee said...

My favorite is Azazel from Demon by Kristina Douglas. He's such a bad boy, love him!

marieimy (at) gmail (dot) com

marybelle said...

I don't have a favorite. I obviously need to read more in the genre.

Linda Henderson said...

Unfortunately I haven't read any bad boy angel stories, but I'll have to change that soon. I love your cover and the blurb.

seriousreader at live dot com

Dina said...

sorry no fav bad boy for me just yet, still looking ;)

Lil said...

I had to think on this question. Truth be told the angel that came to mind was from Joey W. Hill's book, A Mermaid's Kiss, The angel hero is an alpha, bad boy type. He is not fallen in the way you mean but he has literally fallen due to being injured in battle.

alainala said...

i have to say, i havent read too many angels.. but i have read Nalini Singh.. and her angel is Bad Bad BAD!!... but oh so good!! i love raphael.. but he has his good and his bad times..
thanks for the chance to win, i would love to try this!!

Michele L. said...

Gosh, I have read a lot vampire books, shape shifters, etc. but don't think I have ever read an angel story. I did read one angel story but it was 3 ladies who are angels that go around doing good deeds and helping people out. Anne, your books sound fab! I definitely would enjoy them, that's for sure! The cover looks mysterious so I am so curious to see what they are about.

bookbunny68 said...

When I read the Smith series Vampire Diaries I was on the fence about Damon and Stefan seemed too soft for me in the beginning. As I got further into the series Damon was my fav. When the tv series came on I couldn't watch because at first they really made Damon 110% evil. Thank goodness that changed - or I would have missed watching Ian play Damon ;)

Eli Yanti said...

mine is raphael from nalini singh's book )