Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A Magickal Journey

Thank you Lee for having me here!

My path as a writer has been a strange and winding one. Never boring.

After all, 32 years ago I started out with sweet traditional romances and worked my way up to sexier romances and now witches, and vampires, and demons, oh my!

Funny thing is some people think I’ve only been writing for a few years since they don’t know me before my Hex and Demon series. Now I’m putting out many of my backlist books showing my readers there’s many sides to me. And isn’t that scary!

And fun.

I like to think my readers can identify with my characters. I know I do. Friends say I’m most like Jazz, my first witch. I know she’s said and done things I’d love to do. And a few that I have done. I have bunny slippers that tend to end up in odd parts of the house. I swear I can hear them screaming if one of my dogs drags them around the house.  

So what does that say about me? I love my paranormal world? It’s real to me. No, I don’t hear voices. Well, yes, I do and if I don’t listen to them the book doesn’t go the way it should. :} So it’s a good thing.

While an excellent story is necessary, I’ve always felt it’s the characters that make it ‘real’.

Are the characters in a book important to you? Do they make you hungry for the next book?

For one lucky commenter I’m offering a signed copy of A Demon Does It Better along with some witchy goodies.


***Congratulations to Alainala for winning a copy of A DEMON DOES IT BETTER!!  Please send an email to with your full name and mailing address so we can get the prize to you!***


marybelle said...

Characters are all important. I need to fall in love or loathe with them. Wrap them in a great story & I am very happy.

LiverPool said...

I am totally agree with you Marbelle.
Thanks for your great ideas.

Liverpool Gym

CrystalGB said...

Characters are what makes the book for me. Congratulations on yor new book. Love the cover.


Linda Wisdom said...

Very true, Marybelle. You have to like the characters to fall into the story.

Hi Liverpool. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks CrystalGB!

Michele L. said...

The characters are what makes the story come alive for me. I love when the devastatingly handsome hero saves a damsel in distress. The atmosphere the author creates really ties the whole book together for me. I love paranormal romance stories. Most books I have read I can't put it down from the very first page because there is always so much action going on. That is a sign a very good story!

Oh wow! I love the cover of your new book! It looks like a winner to me!

Happy New Year!

Stacie said...

You're my favorite romance author. Most romances make me ill but I love your humor!

traveler said...

Characters are the most important ingredient within the story and make the experience memorable and special.

alainala said...

for me characters make or break it.. ive had many a book that i have been anxious to read.. but the main character was annoying or a pain in the butt.. i dont even bother continuing with the book most of the time..
even in a series where it doesnt follow the same character in every book i love glimpses of the other characters peeking out

alainala @ hotmail DOT ca

BW said...

Characters are definitely important in a book, movie, TV show. It's that characters that make me want to come back for more.

Na said...

I think it's very healthy that your writing style has evolved. As a reader of multiple genres I really appreciate this. The most important thing for me in stories are definitely the characters :)


Linda Wisdom said...

Hi Michele L. I'd say the characters have totally pulled you into the book. As it should!

Thank you Stacie!

Very true, Traveler. The characters do weave the story.

Alainala, I've had that happen to me too. And sad when, as you say, it's one you've been looking forward to.

BW, there's times I have more favorite characters than favorite books!

Thank you, Na. I've learned a lot and I know I'll always learn.

Di said...

Characters are the most important part of the story to me. That's why I like a series - I like to catch up with the characters from the earlier books. I've never read about Demons, but I'd love to see what they are all about.

sallans d at yahoo dot com

Barbara E. said...

I love demons and witches, so your books are a hit with me.
Yes, characters are very important to me, especially characters in a series. I love revisiting a character I loved, seeing them have further adventures, and grow and learn as a person. I'm always dying to read the next book so I can see what they're up to.

Barbed1951 at aol dot com

Linda Wisdom said...

Hi Di, my series is different since I'm writing about thirteen witches and they each have their own book. But I do bring in the previous witches, plus I'm working on some novellas about the previous ones to let the readers know what they've been up to.

Hi BarbaraE, I like that too. Right now I have three books in a series to catch up on, but they're on my Nook and a good reason to read.

blackroze37 AT said...

love linda's witches, looking forward to her demons

shobelle said...

I sometimes find myself thinking about characters long after I've finished a book, and wondering "what happened next?"

So, Linda, I think characters are very important, and love your characters!! ;)

shonijunk (at) yahoo (dot) com

Eli Yanti said...

Hi Linda,

i think character is the most important thing in a book ;)

your book sound great, is it including internatinal giveaway because love to win it ;)

Linda Wisdom said...

Hi Blackroze! Thanks!

Thanks Shoni! There's times I wonder what they're up to. They tend to tell me. :}

Hi Eli, No, I'm sorry, not international.

Dina said...

hi Limda,

yes the characters are important to me, keeps me reading futhr into series.


Linda Wisdom said...

Hi Dina, music to an author's ears!

Anne said...

The characters are very important. If I don't like them, the book may be a DNF for me. They can be awful, evil and flawed but there has to be something about them that appeals to me. I love books with strong secondary characters. They make the story more rich.

Mary said...

Characters are very important in a book and secondary characters getting their own book in a series when they really need one are great also. I like series because we get to know the characters more and in more depth.

gigi said...

The characters are so important in books. I love when secondary characters get their own story. Same goes for movies I love a good sequel.

Chrisbails said...

The characters in the book are very important because they make the story. The secondary characters make the book, but also are future lead characters for the next book. I love series of books, because you get to follow along with the story and then also look back on the other main characters from the other books. i also like the continuing story.
Linda is a new author for me and always looking for new books and authors to check out. Thanks for the chance to win.

shobelle said...

Linda, I'm glad your characters tell you what happens next 'cuz we get fun new stories that way!! :)

Thanks for the answer!


Dina said...

if the characters are interesting makes the book more enjoyable

thank you

dlsmilad (at) yahoo (dot) com

Alison said...

Some characters stay in my mind for years - that's the power of them. So, yes, they are so important.

Dina said...

wow, can't believe I spelled so many words wrong in orig reply, lol, no light on keyboard ;)