Friday, December 02, 2011

Laura Wright: Emotional Writing

            I have this fantasy every time I watch the movie Pride and Prejudice.  You know that scene in the rain where Darcy is railing on about Elizabeth’s family and she says, ‘It should have been kept to yourself’ or ‘Those are the words of a gentlemen?’ I always wonder what would’ve happened if Elizabeth had said instead, “You’re right. My family is a bunch of idiots who can’t control themselves in public, who embarrass me at every turn. But guess what buddy, they’re my family, they’re all I  have, my blood – so what would you have me do? I can’t control that, where I come from.  This is who I am, what I am – take it or leave it.” 

            And of course he takes it. – And maybe he’s even more into her, more intrigued by her because she laid herself bare, was utterly vulnerable to him – yet not in a wimpy way.

            I swear I’m not trying to re-write Austen here, I just really love emotional, honest writing. I love to see what happens when characters stop playing around an issue, admit the problem, and became vulnerable in a different way.

            Have you ever been reading a book and the characters are this close to getting real, but they run to deflect? Don’t get me wrong, I think that can be a great tool sometimes, but the real stuff – that’s the gold, that’s where readers fall in love with characters and want to fight along with them.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite scene in a movie or book where the characters are wonderfully, emotionally and brutally honest?

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Lil said...

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon when Jamie and Clair discuss their ages and their discussion on virginity.

Na said...

The scene in Titanic where Jack asks Rose what she really wants and she reflects on her life and how much she longs to break free.


Di said...

Sometimes I just want to hit characters 'upside the head'! So much better when there is honest & clear communication & they can just get on to solving whatever problem is confronting them - together.
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Min said...

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traveler said...

The movie, Cinema Paradiso, which is memorable and emotionally beautiful has moments which tear your heart out. When the young director who was talented and left his small town and his girlfriend left me breathless.

marybelle said...

LONG AGO I read a book: I forget the title. There was a scene where the two main characters were parting ways. The hero says: "I don't love you the way you deserve to be loved."
I found myself sobbing. (Wish I could remember the book.) The line stayed with me.

Alison said...

'North and South' - the Gaskell version, not the Civil War one. I wush John Thornton wasn't so darned inarticulate when Margaret is leaving!