Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Shiloh Walker: Character Q&A

So in this post, I’m going to interview a character. (I kinda do this when I can’t figure out what to blog about…)

Today, I’m interviewing Nessa and Dominic from Hunter’s Fall.

Me: So which one of you want to go first?

Nessa: Isn’t that kind of your decision? After all, you’re supposed to interviewing us, dear.

Me (wincing) : Please don’t call me ‘dear’. It sounds like one of my Sunday school teachers or worse, I feel like I’m being scolded by my grandmother.

Nessa (smiling at me) : You’re hard-pressed to make it out the door every Sunday the way you do just to get to church. You never make it to Sunday school. Also, neither of your grandmothers ever called you dear. Actually, I can see why. You’re a bit of a pain in the arse, as far as authors go.

Dominic (finally) chimes in: Well, that’s not entirely fair—considering you haven’t had another author, sugar.

Me: Thank you, Dom.

Dominic (shrugging) : Well, it’s the truth. Although you were something a hassle there for a while. I didn’t think you’d ever let us f—

Nessa: Dominic…

Dominic (grinning) : Hey, I was going to say finish. As in finish our story. (Then he reaches over and starts to toy with her hair.) I mean, hell, it’s not like we weren’t waiting for forever, right?

(At this point, they start kind of taking the interview over—I figure I better get control of it again.)

Me: Nessa almost did wait forever, right?

Nessa (sighing) : Five hundred years. (She starts looking sad). You made me wait five hundred years.

(Geez, how can a character make me guilty? I start squirming)

Me: Ah, technically, no. You do realize I’m only 34, right? No way can I make you wait five hundred years. You’re just a figment, anyway. You didn’t even exist until a few years ago.

Dominic (taking hold of Nessa’s hand, shaking his head) : It doesn’t work that way. Your time doesn’t work on our time—when you wrote her the way she was, you made her history. Which means you made her wait five hundred years.

(Okay, I don’t think I like the way his eyes look right now…hmmm. I smile at him.)

Me: Well, you do realize I could have made you wait even longer, right? And I could have written Nessa with somebody else…

Dominic (narrowing his eyes at me) : Nessa, didn’t you once threaten to turn somebody into a toad?

Me: Ok, interview over…geez, you two aren’t very grateful… Croak

Hunter's Fall
Something strange is happening to Nessa. Ever since she survived a near-death experience she’s not exactly who she used to be—and enjoying every minute of it. Then she’s called upon to go to battle against darkness. If only she could remember why.

Dominic is having his own problems with memory, sanity, and hallucinations. Sent to Excelsior, the covert Hunter training facility, he senses a female presence that seems so hauntingly familiar. That’s because he and Nessa share a forgotten past.

As Nessa and Dominic regain their memories, their strange mission against evil becomes clearer. And all the more dangerous because whether they should trust each other is the still the greatest unknown of all.

Shiloh Walker


marybelle said...

Character interviews are always fun to read. A different perspective.

Victoria said...

I love character interviews. Thank you! Gives me a good feel for the book.

Shiloh Walker said...

Hey everybody... thanks for dropping by. Lee, thanks for having me!

Pat Cochran said...

Hello to Dom and Nessa, also to the
croaking author! Interesting inter-
view! One does have to be careful of
what one says to characters, doesn't
one? LOL

Jo's Daughter said...

500 years is a looong time. But they got together so it's all good.