Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tina Leonard: Hot, Hunky Guys

(and a beta male named Bertie)

I love reading ongoing series, and I love writing them.  I suppose I'm long-winded.  The bigger the project, the happier I am, because then I get to know families and communities.  This past summer, I read every single one of P. G. Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster books.  Then I started the series over.  I even have the dvds of the series.  Long before actor Hugh Laurie was the crusty Dr. House on TV, he was the lovably quirky Bertie Wooster.  Bertie and his friends and the loyal butler Jeeves speak to me; I love their adventures, Bertie's squabbles with Jeeves, and Bertie's incorrigible Aunt Dahlia, and even Nephew Thos.  I feel like I know Bertie's community, including their less-than-enjoyable acquaintances.  The pages fly as I read as fast as I can.

I'm also a fan of ongoing Britcoms, and lately the dramatic and enticing The Tudors.  I rent the series from the Blockbuster on the corner and spend weekend nights with the deliciously naughty Henry VIII.  Somehow I think ol' Henry wasn't quite so hot in real life, but the series has me breathlessly awaiting each twist and turn.  It makes me want to get out my Norah Lofts' books, and run to the library for dust-covered tomes of English history. 

Drama, drama.  Delish!

Being a series fan--as you now know--I thought up an idea for a six-book family-palooza set in New Mexico.  I loved the idea of six brothers who'd been raised by their determined and somewhat fey little aunt.  Aunt Fiona runs the Callahan household with a velvet touch, yet manages to raise six rascals to manhood.  Now she's determined to get them married off, and no better way to do that than to set them all to competing for the family homestead and ranch.  At Rancho Diablo, mystical black Diablo horses run, and a rumored silver mine causes trouble between the Callahans and their greedy neighbor, Bode Jenkins.  The Callahan brothers have no desire to settle down, in spite of their redoubtable aunt.  Yet with a magic wedding gown thrown in to the mix, and Fiona's Books'n'Bingo friends, maybe nothing is impossible under Rancho Diablo skies!

It was so much fun to write the Callahan series.  One thing led to another, and a Christmas novella was added, then an online prequel to kick the series off.   Now that the Callahans are ready to share their stories with you, I hope you'll join them for the fun as Jonas, Creed, Sam, Pete, Rafe, and Judah try to find those elusive brides.  It won't be easy for die-hard bachelors to take up Fiona's challenge, but then again, maybe they weren't so die-hard after all…

Ladies, get your guys!

Best wishes,
Tina Leonard

#1 May '11 The Cowboy's Triplets--Callahan Cowboys series
#2 May '11 Frisco Joe's Fiancee & Laredo's Sassy Sweetheart (Showcase)
#3 June '11 The Devil of Rancho Diablo eharlequin online serial
#4 July '11 The Cowboy's Bonus Baby--Callahan Cowboys series
#5 Sept '11 The Bull Rider's Twins--Callahan Cowboys series
#6 Nov '11 A Rancho Diablo Christmas--Callahan Cowboys novella
#7 Jan '12 His Valentine Triplets--Callahan Cowboys series
#8 Mar '12 Cowboy Sam's Quaduplets--Callahan Cowboys series
#9 May '12 A Callahan Wedding--Callahan Cowboys finale!

May 2011 Bonus: Frisco Joe's Fiancee and Laredo's Sassy Sweetheart together in a special mass market Showcase release!  ISBN 037368827X

For a free bookmark, send an email to and join me at, and to follow the brothers' adventures!


marybelle said...

Hugh Laurie always cracked me up in BLACKADDER. If you have never seen him in a beautiful gown or powdered wig you must. Hilarious history.

Michele L. said...

Oh my, I am cracking up by that image!

Happy Easter Tina! Loved your blog! Your book sounds amazing! Can't wait to read it!

desere_steenberg said...

Happy Easter Tina I loved this book of yours I finished it in one sitting ,and I cant wait to read the of the Callahan Series!


Nas Dean said...

I liked reading your post, but haven't yet read this book. Will have to hunt it down now!

Happy Easter!

Pat Cochran said...

I am a great fan of connected books.
When they are about cowboys & babies,
Boy Howdy, (as they sometimes exclaim
in Texas) have you ever got me! Love

Pat Cochran