Friday, April 15, 2011

Time to be a Tiger Mother?

Today was the last day of school before the Easter break for my high school aged children. Because they are at certain stage in their schooling, they are both now facing A level revision and GCSE revisions. t\he exams are no joke and their future does depend on it. My daughter's university place depends on her getting certain marks and ultimately when my son does apply for university, his markswill be taken into consideration. Then through out their life, when they apply for a job, they will be asked to list their A levels and GCSEs. This can be a problem as I discovered when I first moved to the UK. I had a BA in Economics but no English qualifications. But where are your A levels? an interviewer once asked me. I'm American and we do things differently, I answered. It seemed to confuse him.  But sometimes, I think children do not appreciate the consequences until later.
My first experience with A levels came with my eldest. They are tough. And they are different to Advanced Placement courses in the US. They are taken over two years. They are also probably the reason why most UK university courses are 3 years instead of four. Also UK university students are accepted to do a specific course, unlike in the US wherre you choose your major at the end of your second year. The ability to change courses depends on the university. My eldest did fine and is enjoying his second year of university. But now it is my daughter's turn.
Anyway, my children need to do revision. The timetables are all done. The content of the courses are finished ( just as well given the Royal Wedding causing extra breaks) but I think the desire and determination  needs to come from them, rather than from their mother. I can see the consequences and know their capabilities, but can they? Sometimes it is hard to be parent and watch from the sidelines.
Michelle Styles when she is worrying about her children's study habits writes historical romances for Harlequin Historical. Her latest UK release is Breaking the Governess's Rules. She also is experiencing computer difficulties -- monitor woes.


Pat Cochran said...

Going to college, especially the part
where you have to meet all the qualifi-
cations, can really be a pain, can't it?
Even more painful for me is the leaving
part each fall. Our eldest grandchild
is now completing her sophomore year at
a college in Indiana. I am so unhappy when she leaves but it's just two more
years now!

marybelle said...

It's different again in AUSTRALIA. Closer perhaps to the UK way of things, but it's been a while so who knows.


Nas Dean said...

Being a mother of a teenage child on the verge of deciding her own field and going off to college is tough!

I'm one as well.

All the best, Michelle!