Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lynn Raye Harris: RT Booklovers Convention & Me

Here's me running late! Yikes! No matter how often I think I have my calendar under control, it's inevitable that something will throw me for a loop. Right now, that something is the RT Booklovers Convention taking place next week in Los Angeles. I'm frantically running around and trying to get all my lists straight. I have to pack -- and there's a lot of stuff I have to pack!

But I love the RT convention. This is only my second one, but last year was such fun. I went with the expectation that I'd just take it all in and see how it went. I had no goals, other than to enjoy myself and see what it was all about.

Of course I had a blast! I went with fellow Presents author Kimberly Lang, and we spent days wandering around the convention, meeting booksellers, readers, librarians, and booklovers of all type.

As much as I love the RWA conference -- and I do, passionately -- RT is a bit different. Not everyone is a writer or an aspiring writer. Some people just darn well love to read romance novels, and they come to meet their favorite authors and eat, talk, sleep, and breathe romance.

It's a grand time, and I'm really looking forward to it this year! If you're going to be there, you can see me at a number of events: I'm giving a workshop with Kimberly Lang and Kira Sinclair called "Walking the Line: Writing the Sexy Series Romance for Harlequin." I'll also be in Club RT, where Kimberly and Kira and I are giving away a Kindle and six ebooks, and I'll be one of the hostesses of the Lights, Camera, Action party!

And of course I'll be at the Giant Book Fair on Saturday, from 11 to 2, where I'll be signing copies of The Devil's Heart, which just hit store shelves last week!

A diamond, and a deal with the devil…
Francesca D’Oro was just eighteen when darkly sexy Marcos Navarre swept her up the aisle—then fled before the ink on the marriage licence had dried. Marcos might have given Francesca a jewel for her finger, but he stole another: the Devil’s Heart—a dazzling yellow diamond he believed belonged to his family…
Years later Francesca, no longer so youthfully na├»ve, is determined to reclaim the precious gem! But she’s forgotten that Marcos lives up to the treasure’s name—and dealing with the devil is always dangerous!
I hope to see you there! :)

Lynn Raye Harris is a USA Today bestselling author who writes glamorous, sexy romance for Harlequin Presents. You can learn more about Lynn and her books at You can also follow Lynn on Twitter @LynnRayeHarris or visit her author page on Facebook,


Michele L. said...

Hi Lynn,

I have never been to the RT convention. It sure sounds like an amazing time! Would love to hear all about the fun you had!

marybelle said...

I'm always so envious of those who attend conventions & this is no exception.

Nas Dean said...

Hi Lynn,

Please, please, please, come back with lot of photos so it would come alive for someone like me, who doesn't get a chance to attend events like these!

Have fun!

kaelee said...

Sounds like you are in for a busy time. Have a blast. I'd love to be there.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Hey, y'all! I'll plan a post with pictures since you've expressed an interest! :) RT is a lot of fun. Very different than RWA, as I said. It's more of a party. I can't believe it's just a few days before I leave. And I've so much packing left to do - yikes!