Saturday, March 26, 2011

Re-energising by Natalie Anderson

Image by Winnond.

I’m in that wonderful phase of having just turned in a story to my editor and am brainstorming up the next while waiting on her thoughts. It’s a time to refill the well, to look around and think about doing some house work (just think mind), to organise some trips for the kids and myself to take some time out to relax.
We’re taking all four children to the ballet next week, it’s the first for the four year olds, so that will be ‘fun’. We did have an orchestra concert scheduled to attend in Christchurch, but I think that is likely to be cancelled because of the earthquake. But we’ll find something else – I love taking the littlies to concerts and shows, watching their rapt expressions seems to magnify the magic for me too.
Today is a glorious day so we’re going to head either to the park or the beach and go for a walk. I’m going to breathe deep and live in the moment.
And in terms of reading (one of my favourite ways to grow inspiration) – well, it couldn’t be a better time to be choosing some books to get stuck into what with the RITA finalists just announced! I can’t wait to curl up in my chair with all those fabulous books. Huge congratulations to those finalists – and a special shout-out to Kelly Hunter – my fellow Riva author has her third RITA final – this must be her year!
So what do you do to re-energise when you’ve had a spell of full on work? What’s the best way to reinvigorate – I’d love to hear what works best for you!


marybelle said...

I walk. The parks around here are magnificent.

Nas Dean said...

I walk, run and the best? Read to relax and re-energize!

Mary Anne Landers said...
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Mary Anne Landers said...

Thanks for your post, Natalie. I re-energize by reading, watching movies on DVDs, playing with my cats, schmoozing with my Facebook friends. And of course, checking out and leaving comments on my favorite websites and blogs. Like this one!

Pat Cochran said...

More sleep, more books, more sleep,
more music (Four Freshmen!), more

Pat Cochran

ev said...

Shop,lunch out and read!!

Michele L. said...

Shopping! Love to go shopping with my best friend. We love to go to Target and hit the dollar bins. Next, we go to the Dollar Tree and stock up on all there neat items. Then we head on over to Wal-Mart to buy our favorite food items which are so cheap there. Then, we love to go to our brand new JCPenney which has a sephora make-up counter. Love it! We always find good buys on clothes, jewelry and make-up, plus freebies! Yep, we have a system. Plus we usually go out for a bite to eat. Panera Bread, Red Robin, Olive Garden or our favorite standby McDonald's if we want a quick bite. This is my favorite way to reinvigorate my senses, is by taking in all the sales, food and fun sights.

Natalie Anderson said...

Oh yes - you guys have some GREAt re-energise ideas - Like you, Marybelle and Nas, I like to walk (walk, that is, not run - running is DEFINiTELY not my thing!)
& Mary Anne - yes, I love playing on my 'puter too - but because it's also my 'workplace' I need to get away from it at times too - those blogs can be too distracting ;)
Pat - sleep, yes - truly uninterrupted, deep sleep - hard to get around here with two preschoolers still (and one who insists on coming in and giving me a cuddle in the middle of the night - EVERY night!)
Ev and Michele - WHY hadn't I thought of shopping??!!!! What fun! And how nice to do it with some friends Michele - I am green with envy... we're currently living in quite a small town and there really isn't a fab department store with all the lovely make-up counters... so sad! I'll have to plan a big trip sometime... which would be another way of re-energising, right! ;)
But for now... I think I'm going to curl up in my big chair and read something fabulous :)