Monday, March 21, 2011

Finding a Quiet Place Inside Yourself- Melanie Milburne

I don’t think there has been a time in history where women have been under more pressure: Work, family, career, health and fitness, keeping up with friends and doing our bit for the community. We are expected (by others and by ourselves) to achieve so much on one day. I seem to fly from one commitment to another, wondering if everyone else is feeling as stressed as me or whether I’m just a stress bunny who attracts it. I am a type A personality which means I am driven and energetic, nothing is too hard a challenge and I thrive on them, the harder and more unattainable the better. But sometimes I just wish I could be one of those serene personalities that soothe rather than rev up. I have many friends who are like that and they are like a balm to my soul. I just love the sense of quiet I get around them. The funny thing is they love my energy and get a boost from being around my crazy million-miles-a-minute pace!

The important thing for me just lately is to look for a quiet place inside myself to ease that bubbling stress. I had a few days away recently at our beach house as we are renovating at home and that is a whole lot of other stress! Workmen, cement trucks, machines, painters… honestly, I was going nuts! I couldn’t string a thought together let alone words.

But now that I am home again and back on the treadmill I make myself travel back to the coast just for a few minutes and think of that glorious sunset or the Aurora Australis I saw one night or Southern Lights as it also called. It was majestic and so was the brilliant night sky with stars dotted like diamonds on a black velvet blanket.

Or I think of kayaking down The Swan River where I heard warblers and finches and parrots that were so beautiful it was like music. Then there was the sound of the waves, and then on calmer days just the gentle hiss and suck of the water as they lapped at the shore, and that magical infinitesimal moment between those little waves when there is absolute silence. Have you ever heard that? It is truly the most amazing thing. It’s like the world has taken a breath and held it for that tiny moment before releasing it again.

What do you do to calm yourself? I have a new Medical out soon called The Man With the Locked Away Heart. Marc Di Angelo is a city cop with a lot of stress in his life and he goes out to the bush in an attempt to re-evaluate his life. Local GP Gemma Kendall certainly shakes him up a bit which is just what he needs.

I will send a signed copy to someone who tells me how they relax.

Happy reading!

Melanie Milburne


Nas Dean said...

Hi Melanie,

Congratulations on the release of The Man With the Locked Away Heart.
I'd love to read it as I love Medicals. by taking a Medical to bed and reading!

Melanie Milburne said...

Hi Nas,
Hope you enjoy the book. It is a good way to relax, isn't it? It's such a great way to escape.

chey said...

The Man With the Locked Away Heart sounds like a book I would like to read!
I relax by going for a walk and then reading.

ev said...

I go out and shop and leave my cell phone in the jeep. No one can reach me. I usually end up having lunch and reading. That was how I spent last Saturday. I don't need to buy anything either. Just shopping by myself is a way to unwind.

I can remember camping one year and spending the night on the beach watching the Northern Lights. They are so wonderful.

Melanie Milburne said...

Hi Ev,
I've seen the Northern Lights as well when we lived in Scotland for four years. They were amazing!
I am so with you on the shopping. I love mooching around, stopping for a coffee and then another browse. I can spend hours doing that.

Melanie Milburne said...

Hi Chey,
I have just rediscovered the joy of long walks. I can't run anymore so I have to slow down. It's amazing how relaxing it is to let your mind wander as one foot goes in front of the other.

marybelle said...

I go walking in the park. It's always very beautiful no matter what time of year. I let my mind drift & often solve the problems of the world before I reach home.

desere_steenberg said...

Hi Melanie

As always great post !

There is only one place in the entire world where I can go to relax and only one thing I need to take with me.

My garden ,filled with flowers and lots of trees for shading where I can listen to the birds and watch the clouds roll by and smell glorious fresh air. The one thing I need with me is Mills and Boon Book it transports me to a entire new world where I can along with the author dream up the images of the characters and just enjoy every moment thereof !

Take Care your new book sounds divine I so love your Medicals !


Michele L. said...

Hi Melanie!

I destress by wallowing in my books. I have a huge library of books that I haven't read yet. I love to just lay on my bed, reading the back covers and the inside bits and pieces to figure out which book I want to read next. I also light a candle, put on my sound machine, and put a pile of books next to me, lay into all the fluffy pillows (8) and read! Your book sounds amazing! Congrats on it!

Melanie Milburne said...

Hi Desere and Marybelle and Michele,
We all have so much in common. Walking and reading. I too love reading in bed and my house is sagging under the weight of books I have read and those waiting to be read.
And yes, Marybelle, walking in the park does clear your head. I find myself sorting all sorts of things out on a long walk.

Melanie Milburne said...

Ev, can you email me your address so I can send you a copy of The Man with the Locked Away Heart. I am at
Thanks for all the comments!

Kaelee said...

I'm late to this post but just wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading your books.

I relax by reading, Taking walks and gardening when it is in season.

Melanie Milburne said...

Hi Kaelee,
thanks for your comment. I am glad you like my books. It's great to hear from fans. It makes the hard days a lot easier to get through. Lots of people think writing is easy but it's not. It's the best job in the world when it's all going well but there are days when I start envying the person scanning my groceries in the supermarket!

Pat Cochran said...

My hide-away is a corner of my Big
Comfy Couch, amidst an armful of
cushions and pillows. On the end
table, there's a Diet Coke or a
big glass of iced tea & a stack of
books by some of my fave authors!
That's my relaxation!

Pat Cochran

Melanie Milburne said...

Pat, I love that feeling of a soft sofa supporting you while you curl up with a good book.

pageturner said...

Reading and Chocolate! - my drugs of choice...

Melanie Milburne said...

I hear you Pageturner! I am a fellow addict.

Madison Chase said...

I like that idea of finding that quiet place where you can relax and reflect. Even reconnect with yourself. I think its really healthy to take "me" time to figure out what I want and need and to figure out where to go from here.

I get some of my best ideas when I tune out the world and just sit and "be." I don't know if I'm meditating or anything as interesting as that, but pushing out the "noise" really sooths me and lets my creative side take over. I'm happiest there. :)

desere_steenberg said...

Thanks for the great post Melanie , and congratz to the winner !