Friday, January 07, 2011

Out with the old, In with the new - Nicola Marsh

Mention the start of a new year and the first word that springs to mind is ‘resolutions’.

Making goals.
Something to strive for.
Staying focussed.

I’ve never been a resolutions kind of gal.

I prefer taking each day as it comes with vague dreams of what the future brings (which probably explains why I’m still carrying my baby weight 3 years later and haven’t cleaned out my wardrobes yet.)

But being a dreamer has its upsides.
Dreamers have plots dancing in their heads, characters demanding stories to be written and a constant buzz of excitement in the pit of our bellies for what we may wake up to tomorrow.

Now, I could grow a conscience and rush off to my wardrobe right now and start tossing out the old in the hope of filling with new (fabulous shoes preferably.)

Instead, considering I live and breathe them, I’d rather chat books!

In the UK this month, Mills and Boon have launched the new RIVA series, ‘sparky, sassy stories of love’.

RIVA consists of 4 books a month, 2 taken from what used to be the old M&B Romance series and 2 from what was the Modern Heat series (still published as Presents Extra in the US.)

The stories are fun, flirty and fabulous, and the covers contemporary and eye-catching.

I’m thrilled to be one of the launch authors for this series with DESERTED ISLAND, DREAMY EX.

If you like social networking (Twitter & blogging), glittering Sydney and hot Aussie sporting heroes (I love my tennis pro hero Jared!), you’ll enjoy this book. (Besides, any hero inspired by Nathan Fillion has to be lovable, right?)

While I’ve ignored my wardrobe I have cleaned out my bookshelves & passed on some old books to make way for the new RIVA titles.

What about you? What new titles are on your must-have list this year?


Like Kristi & Jared in DESERTED ISLAND, DREAMY EX, Nicola is addicted to social networking. She blogs daily at and tweets all day @NicolaMarsh

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Linda Henderson said...

Two titles I'm looking forward to reading this year are Werewolf In Manhattan by Vicki Lewis Thompson and Indulgence In Death by J.D.Robb. These are two authors on my must buy list. I like the Riva covers, it's a shame they won't be in the US.

Caroline said...

I do love the new RIVA covers! They make you want to buy the book! Caroline x

ev said...

Anything inspired by Nathan Fillion gets my attention!!

(Here's my moment to brag- my wallpaper is a pic of my daughter with Nathan at a movie premier. She texted me at 3am my time to show me.)

Nicola Marsh said...

Ah Linda, but they are in the US!

2 Rivas a month will be released as Harlequin Romance and 2 will be Presents Extras.

If you like the sound of a Riva, check out the author's website for USA release dates :)

Nicola Marsh said...

And both those titles you're looking forward to are by authors I love too!

Nicola Marsh said...

I love the contemporary feel of the covers too, Caroline.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Nicola Marsh said...

OMG, Ev, your daughter is sooo lucky!!!

Michele L. said...

Oh wow Ev, I so jealous of your daughter! Nathan sure is a handsome guy!

Nicola, you sure picked a handsome inspiration for your book! That is a great picture of Nathan above by the way!

OH! Before I forget, I am also looking forward to Vicki L. Thompson's book, WEREWOLF IN MANHATTAN! I hoping for another book from Stephanie Bond in the Body Mover series. I am looking forward to reading Carly Phillip's book, LOVE ME IF YOU DARE. I liked her first one, KISS ME IF YOU CAN.