Sunday, August 01, 2010

Coming soon . . . .by Kate Walker

I’m not quite sure how it got to be August. I’m sure it was only a day or so ago – a week at most that I was writing my blog for July. Then I was looking forward to the publication of the UK edition of my latest book, The Good Greek Wife? Coming up was Romantic Novelists’ Association conference at Greenwich Naval College in London, and then at the end of the month there was the fabulous Caerleon Writers’ Holiday in Wales.

Now both events are over and The Good Greek Wife? is off the shelves in the UK, except of course for Amazon and the Book Depository. Even the RWA national conference is finished and the RITAs awarded for this year.

So what’s there to look forward to next? I expect it’s because of so many new terms, that I always start to see September with its new academic year as a time of excitement and fresh starts. And here in the UK Harlequin Mills & Boon seem to have the same ideas. There are some changes coming up in the publication line up, with new and exciting differences in the books coming up.

In October, I'll have my next Presents EXTRA title out - that's the USA edition of The Good Greek Wife?, and if you're looking at Presents Extra titles you'll find that they now indicate the classic Presents story (as opposed to those published originally in Modern Heat in the UK) with a marking of CLASSIC on the backs of the books. That way you'll be able to see more easily which titles are the sort of story you are looking for.

That month will also see a new reprint of my 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance - I'm thrilled to say that it has sold out its currrent edition again and the third editin is now in production, this time published by Aber Press instead of Studymates.

There will be new-look covers, new names for some old lines, new titles. Yes, new titles. The Presents titles that you recognise, the ones that started out as buzzwords and became rather laughable, working in combinations of Greeks and Spaniards, Billionaires and Virgins, are all going to change. There will be new, hopefully more appealing, more dramatic titles. Titles like The Bride Thief, The Society Wife, Reckless in Paradise, Giselle’s Choice, The Undoing of de Luca, The Man Behind the Mask, The Disgraced Princess, The Master of Bella Terra. My own new book coming in March 2011 will be called The Proud Wife.(My editor seems to be on something of a 'Wife' theme!)

So things are changing – nothing ever stands still for long in publishing, And if you want to learn more about the new look etc then you can check out here for details

Keep your eyes out for the new covers and new titles that are coming, here in the UK at least. The new titles should start filtering in to the Presents editions in America soon too. So what do you think of these changes? Will you be glad to see the back of the Billionaires, the end of the Mistresses and Revenge and similar titles? I know I will - how about you?


L'Aussie said...

Thanks for the heads up re HMB changes. Wonder what they'll do in Australia? I have your 12-Point Guide by Studymates on my shelves. Lovely to know it's you! Obviously it works judging by your success. Before you know it, August will be history..:)

Pat Cochran said...

I will have to admit that I have
been puzzled by the recent titles.
And I'm glad to know that they are
going to be set by the wayside! It
was a bit confusing especially in
comparison to other titles!

Pat Cochran

Linda Henderson said...

Don't get me wrong, I love the Presents line, have been reading it for years, but I've never understood why the titles were so long and usually had those key buzz words in them. I think I'll like the new titles.

practimom said...

Thanks for the info on the names. i have not read that line but i love me some greeks, so it looks like i will be checking them out!

runner10 said...

Sometimes I accidentally buy a book I already have when they do this.