Monday, May 17, 2010

New Zealand Music Month

In New Zealand, all of May is dedicated to celebrating homegrown music so I thought I'd share a song that is written and sung by one of my favorite NZ singers, Gin Wigmore. She wrote this when she was sixteen after her father died and she went on to win a US based International Song Writing competition, beating off 11,000 other people. It's an incredibly beautiful song and to be honest I have no idea how she sings it without crying. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this and if you get the chance to see Gin in concert then I can definitely recommend it. She is so hugely talented.

So are there any NZ music fans out there? If so who is your favorite?

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Michele L. said...

Thanks for sharing her song with us! I am not familiar with any New Zealand songs. I do love a wide range of music and always eager to learn of new artists!