Sunday, May 02, 2010

Birthdays and Celebrations by Kate Walker

It’s my birthday this week. On Friday to be precise. It’s quite a momentous birthday, really. One of those milestones that make you stop and think and wonder just how did I get here? It’s a strange feeling, because life just comes along day by day, and it’s only when you stop and look back that you realise there’s been a l-o-n-g journey from A to . . .well, I hope it’s not quite Z! More like M or perhaps Q?

Anyway, because I have a birthday coming up, people keep asking me what I’d like as a gift – and I’m not very good at answering that. I’m really lucky in that there isn’t really anything I want and there certainly isn’t very much that I need. There are always books I’d love to read of course – but I have a pile of those – and I always say I’d need a voucher for some time to read them in if I’m to make even a dent in my TBR mountain. I love jewellery – but how many pairs of earrings can one person wear at one time? It’s the same with perfume. One of the things about sitting at a desk in my home writing romances is that I don’t really wear much makeup, perfume or posh clothes to work these days. So there’s plenty still in my dressing table drawers. Most days I don’t even wear shoes so there’s something else that’s not on my gift list.

But of course I want to celebrate. I believe we should grab at the good things that life sends us and mark them and enjoy them while we have them. There’s too much darkness and pain and sorrow as it is - the papers are full of it. So we should mark the special days as they come along even if we don’t quite feel like it.

I’m actually much better at other people’s birthdays. I love planning for them, thinking about them, hunting down just the right gift – the perfect card. A very special friend of mine and a wonderful romance author, Michelle Reid, who also writes for Presents, has her birthday tomorrow (people think that we’re sisters, our birthdays are that close) and I’ve loved finding something I know she’ll enjoy, wrapping, it, writing the card, posting it. I suspect that this preference I have for other people’s celebrations has something to do with the reasons why I’m a writer. I love getting inside people’s heads and thinking what will be just right for them. What will make them specially happy. Some people complain that they find choosing gifts difficult – not me. Perhaps that’s why I create my own people and make up their stories – because then I can create the special gifts that mean so much between the two characters.
But gifts don’t have to be things. What I’m most looking forward to for this birthday is time. Time spent with friends – I’m having lunch with a long term friend on Thursday, then a family meal and get-together on Friday. Next week there’s a dinner with some writing friends and then I’m heading for Michelle Reid’s lovely cottage in the Lake District to share our birthday celebrations together. If along with that I can just have an acceptance for my latest book, and a lot of inspiration for the new one then I’ll be happy.
Actually, I have all the ideas I need for the next novel so that’s a bonus. It’s part of a special project that means I know exactly what I’m doing for this one – that’s a real birthday gift in itself. So, family time, friends, get-togethers, new projects to anticipate. . . . fingers crossed on that acceptance. If my editor could just let me know that the revisions on the last story worked, then it will make my week. Who needs gifts?But then again, a small parcel or two to open would be the icing on the cake . .

. . . Cake! I forgot about birthday cake!

Anyway, as people who know me know already, when I’m celebrating, I love to share so this week over on my blog I’ll be giving away some books to celebrate my birthday – starting right here and now. So why don’t you post a comment? Let me know how you’ll be celebrating your birthday this year – or is there a really special gift that you’d just love to receive? Come and tell me about it and I can’t promise I’ll be able to deliver on that – but I will give away a signed copy of one of my backlist books when I can get Sid the Cat to pick a winner from everyone who posts.

Kate’s latest USA title is The Konstantos Marriage Demand, still available in Presents Extra. In the UK, her By Request 3 in 1 volume Claimed by The Sicilian contains reprints of three of her best-selling titles – The Sicilian’s Wife, Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Wife, and he Sicilian’s Red-Hot Revenge.

You can find all the details on Kate’s website and the most up to date stuff is on her blog.
And the winner(s) are (I knew I shouldn't let Sid choose when he's hungry!)LOIS and HOSTAnd there are two special extra prizes as birthday gifts for my fellow May birthday readers - RACHIE G and PATTI
Check out the Comments section to see how to claim your prize


Lois said...

In case I forget on your own blog, have a super fine birthday! :) Me, ultimately I look for my long awaited ice cream cake. . . sure, we occasionally get one here and there during the year, but the guaranteed one is birthday time. And I sure don't care that it's the end of December, in the midst of Winter that I'm having ice cream. LOL :)

Other than that, nothing really. . . except, perhaps a trip to the bookstore. ;)


runner10 said...

Happy Birthday Kate. I hope you have a great day.
My birthday is several months away. I usually don't have any big plans. I love just a few minutes of "me time".

Denise said...

Happy birthday, Kate!! And happy birthday to Michelle Reid, as well! You are two of my favorite Presents authors!

I didn't actually do anything for my birthday this year...just went out to dinner with my family and spent time with them, which was really nice, because I've been away for college during my birthday the last few years.

Hope you both have a wonderful time in the Lake District!

RachieG said...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear KATE!!!!
Happy birthday to you!!! :)

My birthday is May 22nd, isn't May a fabulous month?? Spring and birthday cake...can't get any better.

Have a wonderful Day!!

Pat Cochran said...

I'm the one who's closer to Z! LOL.
I probably won't be doing anything
outlandish for my August b-day! I
will probably share a family gathering with the 5 other members of my immediate family who have August birthdays,too! Lots of food
and lots of cake & ice cream!! We
will put a candle on the cake for
you, too!!!

Pat Cochran

Anonymous said...
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Marilyn Shoemaker said...

I remembered we share the same birthday week, so Happy Birthday dear friend and to Michelle as well.

It's fun planning spexial days for friends! xx

Kandy Shepherd said...

Happy birthday Kate! The birthday celebrations you've planned sound wonderful--I hope you enjoy every minute of them.

Michele L. said...

Happy Birthday Kate and many more! Isn't fun celebrating birthdays? I just love the cake, the singing, presents, and the usual merry-making. My birthday isn't until the end of Decemeber, so I have a long time to wait. I usually like to receive clothes or candy but I am not picky!

You just have fun Kate!

Patti said...

Happy Birthday! Mine is next week and it's a milestone as well. This year hubs is getting me a makeover for my blog, which I'm totally thrilled about!

Christina Hollis said...

Happy Birthday, Kate - have a wonderful day. It's my birthday in a few days, too. We'll be off into the woods to listen to the nightingales. Armed with plenty of picnic food and cake, of course!

host said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you'll have a wonderful time :)

What I especially love about my birthday is that my whole family gathers and we celebrate it with b-cake and a lot of goofy pictures are taken.

Kirsten said...

Happy Birthday Kate!! That this year may become your best yet.

I don't do Big on my birtday. Just family and friends comming over for tea and chocolate cake. Put on some music and talk, laugh. Simple but very nice!

Laurie said...


My sister's Bday is May 12th.

My birthday was way back in January. We just have cake and ice cream. No gifts as we both hate to shop.

I'd love to get a new e reader as a birthday present!

Kate Walker said...

Lois - thank you. Idon't think it matters what time of year your birthday is - the thing is to have what you enjoy. And I think I'd probably join you in that trip to the bookstore

Kate Walker said...

Thank you for the birthday greetings runner! Like you I don;t do 'big' - me time is always so much appreciated. Specially if it's me time witha good book!

Kate Walker said...

Hi Denise - what a great compliment that Michelle and I are 2 of yur favourite authors.

BTW - I'm obvioulsy getting old, but I need to as did you know that you were the winner of my prize last month (Claimed By The Sicilian). I've been so very busy that I don't know if you sent me your address so I could post it off to you

Kate Walker said...

Rachie - thaks for the song! I agree - May is about the nicest month to have a birthday - though right now the Spring hasn't sprung very much round here. It's freezing!

Kate Walker said...

Oh Pat - You're not reaching Z yet! You're as old as you feel - and I'm refusing to feel anything over . . .er - 40? ;o) I hope you have a wonderful birthday in August. I'm fond of August birthdays 2 - My DH and one of my favourite friends have birthdays then

Kate Walker said...

Marilyn - I remember our 'shared' birthday week too - so watch for the postman this week! Hope he arrives in time.

Kate Walker said...

Hi Kandy how great to see you here. I just discovered that my DH has a 'secrret somethign special' planned as well - so I'm wondering what that is

BTW did a copy of Cordero's Forced Bride ever reach you? I hope you got it and enjoyed it

Kate Walker said...

Thank you Michele for the happy birthday wishes - I hope you have a separaet birthday in Decemeber and not just mixed in with the Christmas celebrations. But the great thing about birthdays is that we can get to enjoy our friends and family's days as well - I know I shall enjoy celebrating my friend's birthday too

Kate Walker said...

Patti - so you're a May birthday too - and another milestone birthday. Congratulations - and I hope you really enjoy that makeover. It will be fascinating to see how someone else pictures you in the result

Kate Walker said...

Hello Christina - I didn't know we shared a birthday month as well as being Presents romance authors! Have a lovely day on your special day and I hope your family spoils you totally

Happy Birthday in advance

Denise said...

Hi Kate,

I wish it had been me who won Claimed by the Sicilian last month, but it was a different Denise (who I think uses a lower case "d" for her name)! Thanks, though! I hope she gets in touch with you!

Kate Walker said...

Host - family get togethers are great aren't they? And the photos are so much fun to laugh at afterwards. They make for great memories

Kate Walker said...

Hi Kirsten thank you for the birthday greetings - It would be fantastic if this was the greatest year yet. That would be something to look forward to.

Kate Walker said...


Happy Birthday to your sister. I like the sound of your family and friends get togther though - tea and cake will suit me any time! Can I come?!

Right time to ask Sid to choose a winner

Kate Walker said...

And the winner(s) are (I knew I shouldn't let Sid choose when he's hungry!)


And there are two special extra prizes as birthday gifts for my fellow May birthday readers - RACHIE G and PATTI

Please email me kate AT with your postal addresses and your choice of one of these books:
(Please send me a first and second choice in case I've run out of stock of any of them!)