Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Reading - Tawny Weber

by Tawny Weber

Is winter reading different than summer reading?

It is for me!

Summer readings means the beach feeling (even if my toes never hit the sand). Its hot weather, long nights, skimpy clothes and a relaxed pace. Margaritas or iced tea reading. Reading on vacation. Reading by the pool. Reading on the beach and reading in the hammock. A little lazy, very smooth and mellow.

Winter reading? It feels cozier to me. Its fireside reading. Rain slashing at the windows, curled up under a blanket reading. Hot cocoa with tiny little marshmallows. Warm bodies, cold toes. Indoor reading. Reading to the beat of the windshield wipers while waiting for the kids. Hours browsing in the bookstore for weekend entertainment.

The great thing about it is while the weather changes with the months, the books work year 'round. Thick, rich historicals or dark, edgy paranormals work in the heat or the cold. Sassy, sexy contemporaries and spine tingling suspense entertain through the seasons, right? Right.

And then there's the bedtime story. Fairy tales. Not only are those suitable for year 'round reading, but they're year after year reading. Archetypal. Those stories you remember from your childhood that make you smile and sigh as an adult.

Knowing that, I almost did backflips when I had a chance to write a Blazing Bedtime Story - my own take, Blaze-style, on one of my favorite fairy tales. I chose the Frog Prince. It had all my favorite fairytale things. A princess with issues. A spoiled prince. A wicked curse. And the necessary and gratifying happily ever after.

In the case of YOU HAVE TO KISS A LOT OF FROGS my princess is the boss's daughter. My prince is a hot shot super sexy reporter with a magical touch and a very irritated witch with an axe to grind. Her curse doesn't turn the prince into an actual frog, but it sure does affect a tadpole-effect on his favorite appendage.

Even more fun is the fact that my story is keeping awesome company with a great take on Helen of Troy, in THE BODY THAT LAUNCHED A THOUSAND SHIPS! Two fun fairy tales for the price of one... now that's good reading any season, isn't it?

I'm definitely a year 'round reader, so I'm a fan of both. How about you? Do you find yourself reading more in the summer? Or the winter? And do your reading tastes change with the weather? What romance sub-genre do you find yourself picking up most often?


Linda Henderson said...

I don't think my reading habits change that much over the year, with the exception I tend to read more holiday books during the holidays. I read just about any genre. I haven't read any steampunk yet, I'll have to try it out. I'm rather uncertain as to what it is. My first love is always romance though. I always enjoy your books. I've been reading the Blaze line since the Temptation line. I really liked the Temptation line. I still have a lot of the books. I find it hard to get rid of books. Unless I REALLY don't like them and that doesn't happen all that often. I will look forward to reading this one.

Rebekah E. said...

I am definitely a year around reader.I read about any genre, but tend to keep going back to historical or mysteries. Thanks for the great post.

Emmanuelle said...

I read mostly contemporary and historical romances. Maybe more funny and sexy romantic comedies in the summer when I'm on vacation. Another thing I noticed... when it's cold outside and I plan an afternoon under the blanket with a book it's usualy an historical romance (make it a regency). Cold = dashing Duke for me ;-)

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Miss Tawny,

I'm with Linda in the unchanging
reading habits and holiday books!
I read most anything romance as it
comes to my attention and to my
hands. You really have caught my
attention with your description
of your Frogs story! I'll have to
pick it up when I hit the stores
this weekend!

Pat Cochran

Estella said...

I don't think my reading habits change much year round. I read a lot of paranormals as a sub genre.

Mary said...

I don't think my reading tastes change with the seasons. I read alot of the paranormal genre right now. I just love vampires, Ghosts, Aliens, and Werwolves. Since there are so many great, great reads in this sub genre, I'm always finding a new book to read.

Dina said...

I seem to read more in summer, b/c I go to hockey games in winter so that takes up much free time.

Lois said...

I was going to say that too, that my reading habits don't change, just in December bring out the favorite holiday books and read some new ones too. Doesn't matter the time or season of the year, I might read a lot in a month, or one might be slow, it just depends what happens during that month! :)


Tawny said...

Hey everyone!!! I was at an all-day workshop today, then got home and crashed hard, but am going to do a quick catchup now :-) Sorry for being awol all day!

Tawny said...

Hi Linda and thanks so much :-)

I was a huge fan of Temptation, too. Like you, it was my absolute fave and I still have a bunch of them on my shelves. I missed it like crazy when it closed, but was so glad to see so many of my fave authors (and those same fave, fun voices) in the Blaze line.

I'm so glad to hear you read the holiday books. I'm working on one now LOL. Like you, I haven't checked out steampunk yet. But there's still time ;-)

Tawny said...

Hi Rebekah :-)

There is something so comforting about returning to our favorites, isn't there.

Tawny said...

Emmanuelle :-) I do think there is something light and fun about romantic comedy that just fits summer reading, just like winter reading and a cozy blanket invite us to curl up with a bit o'history. LOL on the dashing duke :-)

Tawny said...

Hello there, Miss Pat ;-)

YAY, glad I caught your attention! So what is it that snags a second look? A blurb, a promotion, a hot cover?

I think holiday books are kinda like holiday music - they just add that extra layer of, well, holiday to the season, don't they?!

Tawny said...

Estella, do you like the darker paranormals or the lighter? Or anything para rocks your boat?

Tawny said...

Mary, I agree :-) The paranormal shelves are packed with choices!! It sounds like you're set for reading for quite awhile *g*

Tawny said...

Oh, Dina -great point! I hadn't thought of sports type distractions. I'll bet watching hot hockey players is just as fun as reading a hot book, though, right?

Tawny said...

Lois :-) You're a true reading addict!!! Year 'round rocks.

susanwilson44 said...

I read constantly and have TBR pile on my bedside cabinet that is about to cause an avalanche! My other half bought me an e-reader in the hope he would actually see some surfaces in our house again that are constantly covered with books - did it work, no, I just buy ebooks too.
Strange though - I can't read a Christmas type book in the summer months, it has to fit with the time of year!

Tawny said...

LOL on the ereader adding to your book buying instead of clearing surfaces, Susan *g*

What an interesting thing about not being able to read Christmas books out of season. Now that you mention it, I can't either. Its like listening to holiday music - I can do it the beginning of November through the end of January... but that's it.

Michele L. said...

Hi Tawny!

It is great to have you here! My reading habits change some, once summer time is here. In the winter I read a lot and in the summer I read less. I still have to read something before I go to sleep at night.

My favorite books are romance of any genre! I love them all, mysteries, paranormals, fantasy, chic lit, historicals, and romantic comedies are always fun!

denise said...

I am a year-round reader. I love sitting under the shade tree in the summer and snuggling up inside in the winter for hours reading.

Vandam said...

Summer or winter...its highly romantic for all time.