Sunday, September 06, 2009

Magazine Tips -- Susanna Carr

In The Year of Living Shamelessly, my October 2009 release, the heroine transforms herself by following all the advice she can get from women’s magazines. She studies the articles as if she was going to be tested and then puts them to good use. She follows these magazines because she feels like she needs expert advice when she reinvents herself into a bold and sexy woman. Sometimes the advice backfires, sometimes the fashion tips aren’t what she hopes for, but every once in a while the magazines inspire her to act like the woman she wants to become.

If you had to follow every tip in one magazine, which publication would you choose?

As for me, I know that I wouldn’t pick the Martha Stewart magazine. Art class was a form of torture for me, so forget that. House Beautiful would be nice—if I had unlimited funds. I think I would go for something like Cosmopolitan which has articles like “30 Things to do with a Naked Man”. Now that I could do.

So what about you? If you had to follow every tip in one magazine, which magazine would it be?

Susanna Carr


Alison said...

I loved 'Victoria' but I think it must have ceased publication years ago as I havn't seen it for ages.

Armenia said...

It would have to be Better Homes and Garden. Although I would need unlimited funds to carry out every tip they write about home decoration. And don't start on the recipes; I'd be cooking all the time and stuck in the kitchen. So I just look at the pictures and sigh. I like your idea about '30 things to do with a Naked Man' from Cosmo. Perhaps its time to change magazines. Hmm

Mary said...

I think I'm gonna have to start reading cosmopolitan. lol I read alot of scrapbooking magazines and they don't have those sort of articles. LOL

RachieG said...

I agree with you...I'd have to do Cosmo too. Good naughty tips as well as ways to "look like a movie star on a shoe string budget" !! :)

Emmanuelle said...

I only read food magazins : recipes, recipes, more recipes... ;-)

booklover0226 said...

I cook a lot, too. I think I would follow Cooking Light.