Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh, Those Sexy Doctors - Jacqueline Diamond

Has anybody else noticed that the upcoming fall TV season is filled with sexy men and women in white coats? As a “Grey’s Anatomy” fan, I can hardly wait!

Sure, this summer we medical aficionados have been able to get our fix with TNT’s “HawthoRNe” and Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie,” and this fall “Grey’s” will be returning, along with “House,” “Scrubs” and “Private Practice.”

But I expect to need frequent checks on my racing pulse when gorgeous Alex O’Loughlin – formerly of the delicious vampire series “Moonlight” – stars as a transplant surgeon in “Three Rivers” on CBS. Another of my favorite hunks, British actor Jeremy Northam, will be featured on “Miami Trauma,” a midseason series also on CBS.

NBC has two new medical series: “Trauma,” about San Francisco paramedics, and a midseason entry, “Mercy,” focusing on nurses.

Maybe it’s because I’m the daughter of a doctor that I’ve always admired men in this lifesaving profession. And women too, of course – my best friend from high school became a child psychiatrist.

Among my 84 novels, quite a few have featured doctors. The title of my September release from Harlequin American Romance, Doctor Daddy, speaks for itself. Actually, both the hero and heroine are obstetricians. I was thrilled with the cover – don’t you think the hero looks a lot like Patrick Dempsey? If you’re curious, I’ve posted the first chapter for free on my Web site,

My editor agrees that doctors are hot – so hot that I’m writing a miniseries called Safe Harbor Medical, also for the Harlequin American line. Trouble arises after a reporter ‘s story confuses Safe Harbor Medical Center with California’s Safe Haven law, which allows women to relinquish newborns safely at a hospital or fire station. Soon newborns in need of homes are pouring in.

In The Would-Be Mommy¸ scheduled for February 2010, an infant lands in the arms of hospital public relations director Jennifer Serra, who lost her own baby years ago. Can she really keep this little girl? And is that pesky reporter who caused all the trouble just writing a story about her, or is he falling in love with her, too?

The second book in the series, The Surrogate’s Surprise, puts a fun twist on surrogate motherhood. No date set for that one yet. I’ll keep you posted on my Web site.

Meanwhile, I’d better get back to writing the Safe Harbor Medical series before the fall TV season starts, because I have a feeling I’m going to be very distracted.

Jacqueline Diamond


Mary said...

I've been looking forward to the new shows coming out but I didn't know that Alex O’Loughlin was gonna be on one of them! Woohoo.

cheryl c said...

I love medical dramas in books and on TV. Your new mini-series sounds great!

Pat Cochran said...

Medicals have long been special
to me beginning with Dr. Kildare
and Ben Casey. I was in nursing school at the time and we would
all meet in the lounge to see
them. I'm looking forward to all
the new medicals, but especially want to see Three Rivers.I enjoyed Jada Pinkett Smith in Hawthorne
this summer. Will be interested in
seeing where it goes next year.
BTW I am a fan of your books and
look forward to reading your next

Pat Cochran

gigi said...

Me and my daughters are die hard Grey's Anatomy and House fans. Also i am glad to see that Alex from Moonlight will be be on the tube.
I really liked Moonlight I don't understand why it was taken off.

Mary said...

I don't understand why Moonlight was cancelled either. I loved that show and was really sad to see it cancelled.

Michele L. said...

Oooo...your new medical book series sounds fabulous! I will definitely put it on my To-Buy list!

Great tv show line up this fall! I can't wait also!

Mari said...

Jaqueline I love your books and I can't wait until your 2010 book!