Thursday, August 13, 2009

GOOD LUCK - Annie West

Are you a believer in luck? I know some people think the 13th of the month is unlucky and others that it’s not unlucky unless it’s a Friday. Still others seem to use a reverse approach and enjoy the 13th as if it will bring good fortune.

For me this day is lucky as it’s my son’s birthday. You can’t beat that for a red letter day. Plus this year it’s also the day I leave (after suitable birthday celebrations) for the Romance Writers of Australia Conference in Brisbane. A double dose of good tidings!

Then, looking more broadly, I have not one but two releases this month. My newest title THE SAVAKIS MISTRESS is on sale in UK, PLUS my first Harlequin novel A MISTRESS FOR THE TAKING is being re-released in a special ‘By Request’ edition with other full length stories by Emma Darcy and Julia James. Wow! The edition is called PURCHASED FOR PASSION and you can be sure that by now I’ve decided I’m extremely lucky!

All these good things made me think about luck and how we view it. I’ve never been one to break a mirror or walk under a ladder unless I have to but I tell myself that’s to do with safety rather than a belief in bad luck. On the other hand, if I know I’m going to have a difficult day I’ll deliberately choose to wear one of the couple of lovely pieces of jewellery that have been given to me by special people. Because I believe they’re lucky? Maybe. Or maybe because they make me feel good.

My son loves having a birthday on the 13th, especially when it falls on a Friday – a great excuse for a party with spooky decorations and a cake covered in a giant spider or something ghoulish. On the other hand my mother in law avoids the number 13 as much as she can and will go to considerable lengths to do so. She also has a range of good luck habits, from tossing salt over her shoulder to tossing (soft) shoes at people for luck (and don’t ask - I have no idea how that started).

Do you have a special good luck charm you keep by you at important times? Do you or your family have rituals you follow to be sure luck stays on your side? Have you had wonderful good luck at a time when you least expected it? Or don’t you believe in luck?

Annie feels incredibly lucky this month. To share that luck, visit her website and enter her current massive contest to win free new releases by Australian authors. Alternatively, check out her two releases this month with excerpts on her site. Or you could order your own copies of THE SAVAKIS MISTRESS or PURCHASED FOR PASSION.


EllenToo said...

I believe in luck but not that you can cause good luck or bad luck with a charm of some kind. But it doesn't hurt to carry a good luck charm and if you believe whose to say something you do doesn't cause it to happen???

Mary said...

I have a worry stone that I keep in my purse at all times. I've had it for so long and I think of it as my lucky charm. I definitely believe in luck.

Lee Hyat said...

Annie West is actually travelling today to the Brisbane RWAustralia conference and won't be able to respond to comments until she reaches her destination. She asked me to apologize on her behalf, for the delay in responding to comments. She'll pop in as soon as she gets a chance. :)

Annie West said...


You're right. What harm can it do to carry a good luck charm in case? It sure can't hurt!

Sorry to take so long responding. I've been at the RWAustralia conference and just got home. What a fantastic few days!

Annie West said...

Hi Mary,

I've never heard of a worry stone. Sounds intriguing! Hope it works for you.