Monday, August 11, 2008

Fangirling Richelle Mead by Megan Crane

I have a confession to make.

I'm a fangirl.

Okay, this isn't news to anyone who knows me, and has suffered through one of my cold glares should the subject of, say, Buffy the Vampire Slayer come up in anything less than reverent tones. I protect that which I worship.

I also like to share it.

I discovered Richelle Mead by accident. I think I was paging through some review site, and Vampire Academy sounded interesting, so I ordered it. I then proceeded to devour it, and its sequel. I'm not exaggerating-- I refused to put the first book down, and since I was in Vegas and it was a Friday night, believe me when I tell you that yes, IT IS THAT GOOD.

Not satisfied, I then jumped in to her succubus books, and fell in love with Georgina Kincaid and her merry little band of helllspawn and demons. How could I resist? A sympathetic succubus! How cool is that?

But today I must tell you that Richelle Mead's latest series is out, and I am smitten.

I'd actually forgotten that I'd pre-ordered the first book in the Dark Swan series until it arrived on my doorstep. (I am also a big fan of amazon for exactly this reason, but I will spare you the rhapsodizing...) I jumped right in. And... oh, people. This book is just FANTASTIC. Eugenie Markham is tough and cool and fascinating, and I can't get enough of her. I have inappropriate crushes on at least two of the dangerous, delicious men in the story. This book even makes me want to move to Tucson! Not an urge I ever expected to have, I assure you.

I think you should race out and buy Storm Born right away! You'll love it. And then I think you should treat yourself to Richelle's other two series. You're worth it.

And I promise you won't regret it!


Pat Cochran said...

I'm not usually into paranormals
but I've told myself, " Self, we're
going step into a new reading arena."
So Richelle Mead will be our new
author of the day! Thanks for the

Pat Cochran

Lee Hyat said...

I'm a sucker *g* for vampire books and Mead's books are really really good. I agree with everything you said! I haven't yet bought/ordered a copy of STORM BORN but I'll be doing it soon.

Have you read Meljean Brook? I picked up one of her DEMON books and had to run back out to buy the ones I'd missed.

I just wish they'd all write faster!

Megan Crane said...

Richelle Mead will not disappoint!

Lee-- I'm a little bit obsessed with Meljean Brook, to tell you the truth. I've devoured every book so far in that DEMON series--SO good!