Friday, May 23, 2008

Life Is Good

A few years back, a friend gave me a t-shirt that said, Life is Good. There's a whole line of products now that say it. When she gave it to me she said, "You say that all the time." I'd never thought about it, but I do! LOL

Since then, I catch myself saying it and always smile and think of my friend. Here's the is good. I decided a long time ago, to be happy and look for the silver linings. Of course, sometimes people take that kind of Pollyanna-view of the world as a sign that you lack intelligence, but for me, deciding to be happy makes sense. I realize crap happens, but even amongst the crap, there are sweet moments and I can cling to those.

What makes me happy? Family. I've been married to the same man for 25 years this summer. My kids. I'll confess, I'm biased, but truly, they're four of the nicest kids around (and I'd talked to all four of them before eight o'clock this morning...two were here, two called. That makes me happy!). Even family members who are gone still can make me smile when I remember favorite moments. For instance, this pic is my MIL, Dort, and I in NYC. For a graduation present, my daughter asked the two of us to go on a school trip with her. That trip, even with its long bus ride, loud kids and sleepless nights, is a moment I will always treasure. Family makes me happy!

Friends. I have some of the most fantastic friends. To the left is a group of SuperRomance authors...very good friends indeed. My kids call my writing friends "invisible friends" because they've never met most of them. As in, "Mom's talking to her invisible friends again." But even those friends who live on the other side of the country, or in a different country, I feel I can count on...invisible or not!

Springtime...what's not to be happy about during the spring?? Flowers. Sunshine. Warmer weather. Even the rain. Spring is...well, just walking outside is bound to make you smile! We went shopping for our veggie garden yesterday, and I bought more flowers for the front. Now, I don't like to garden. Bugs. Dirt. Sun. Ick. BUT, I love the results, so even as I'm up to my elbos in dirt, the sun beating on my back and a giant bug facing me down...I can be happy that I'll have those flowers to look at the rest of the season.

I was sitting next to an airline mechanic a few years ago. And we struck up a lovely conversation. As we came in for our landing in Detroit, he said how much fun he'd had on this flight, and that he couldn't remember the last time he'd had a conversation as he commuted on the plane to work. I asked why he decided to talk to me. He said, "You smiled." I guess that's the end of this very happy post. Happiness is contagious. LOL

A friend calls me Hollyanna. If that's the worst thing anyone calls me on any given day, I'll be...happy! LOL Life is good!

So, what are you all happy about today??

Holly--aka Hollyanna Jacobs

SAME TIME NEXT SUMMER, Harlequin Superromance, 8/08
EVERYTHING BUT A BRIDE, Avalon Books, 8/08
ONCE UPON A THANKSGIVING, Harlequin American Romance, 10/08
ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS, Harlequin American Romance, 12/08
ONCE UPON A VALENTINE'S, Harlequin American Romance, 2/09


Karen H in NC said...

I'm happy it's the weekend. I'm happy it's a holiday weekend.

Life is's a good thing!

HollyJacobs said...

Karen,'ve got it!! My son got home from college on Sunday, and started his summer job on Monday. He's so absolutely thrilled to have Monday off already!

Hope you do something fun this weekend!!


Anna Adams said...


I always love your posts! And I think your Hollyanna choice is wise. I always read that happy people live longer--and more happily. ;)

I'm beaming this week because my daughter is home. We've done task after task all week--stuff that she hasn't had time to do because of school, house stuff that we've put off because we wanted her input as she still lives here, too.

We're expecting rain (in a drought area), and even though I don't love hot temps, soon the pool water will be warm enough for a swim.

Also, I just think I'd rather smile than not smile. Being happy feels better than not--even when you choose to be happy.

Great post, Holly! (And by the way, I love your cover!)

HollyJacobs said...


I'm so glad your daughter's home!! Have fun working on the house stuff together. And thanks!! My cover really does rock! I can say this with absolutely no bias whatsoever, since I didn't draw it! LOL

I love that rain and even heat can make you's all in how you look at it!!

Have a very happy Friday!


Lisa Marie Wilkinson said...

I'm happy to be on the wonderful journey of having my first book published. I'm happy to have such great friends and mentors, and a family who has always loved and supported me. It doesn't get any better than that!

HollyJacobs said...

Oh, Lisa Marie, you're doesn't get any better than that!!

Life is good!!


Shari Anton said...

Hi Holly!

Thanks for reminding me that my laugh lines are preferable to frown creases :). I'm happy because my kids and their kids will be here for a cookout on Monday, and I'll remain happy even though I have to cook. Lovely post!


HollyJacobs said...


Hey, happy even when you're cooking...that's nice! Glad the family will be there!!

And yes, smile creases are so much better than frown ones!

Happy Memorial Day!


Pat Cochran said...

Life is good, Holly!

Whether by choice or instinctively,
happiness makes the quality of life much better, much easier to live!
I choose happy and easy!!

Dina said...

Hi Holly,

Can't say life is good, but it's ok at the moment.

Have a great weekend all. :)

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HollyJacobs said...


I'm so glad you choose to be happy!

Hope you have a happy weekend!


HollyJacobs said...


Happy is best, but sometimes okay is good. But seriously, wishing you a few moments of utter happiness soon!!


HollyJacobs said...

Hi, NPB...thanks so much!! I'm glad you liked the blog!


Dina said...

Thanks Holly, there's some happiness in there. :)

HollyJacobs said...


Hey, some happiness is a good thing!! I'm glad!

Life is good!! LOL


Kate Walker said...

I'm happy that it's very nearly June - which means that July is just around the corner - and we get to meet up again in person - and I get to get a Hollyanna hug.

And we both get to be in Hollywaorld - which is a great place to be!

Thanks for the happy post. It'sa grey and rainy day here - but that doesn't matter


Kate one of those invisible friends

HollyJacobs said...


Yes, I'm afraid my kids would rank you as an invisible friend, but in my book you're simply under the "lovely" friend heading!

I so can't wait until July to see you! Hollyworld is generally a very happy place, but it's going to be even happier then!!

Sorry about the grey's overcast here as well. But hey, I'm just happy the house is is good!


Michele L. said...

I love your enthusiasm Holly! You are so upbeat!

Well, I am happy for having such a super hubby! He is such a sweetheart and takes such good care of me! Also, I am happy for good friends and family.

My next door neighbor just passed away 2 weeks ago from lung cancer which was a shock. Then, a lady at my church died from phneumonia and other complications. Also, a good friend's father just passed away from bone cancer. It has been really a trying time.

Your blog really brightened my day! You are a sweetheart Holly! Life would be great if there were more people like you!

Michele L.

HollyJacobs said...


Hugs...I'm so sorry for the losses you've suffered. But I'm glad you found something to be happy about...and a good husband is one of the nicest things to be happy about. I think in trying times, stopping to see what's good in your life...well, that helps.

I hope things become easier...and I hope you keep remembering the good things that surround you!