Sunday, April 27, 2008

Author Trivia - Lee Hyat

Hi, this month's author trivia is about an author I've only just recently discovered and everything I know about her personality so far, I really like. Her books are pretty amazing too but I like the author because she makes me laugh. And that's always a good thing. :)

So, here are my clues:

* She grew up in Pasedena, CA.

* She graduated from John Muir High School.

* She dropped out of college

* Her latest book is out in the UK this month (April 08)

* Her first book (2005) was inspired by Lucky Charms cereal, non-fat milk and SHAPE magazine.

* The first book she ever read cover to cover was Alice Walker's THE COLOR PURPLE.

* She's attending the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

* Her current book is about a pastry chef who is the daughter of a living legend novelist...

Can you guess the author and the title of her latest book?

Please email your answers to and mark the subject 'Author Trivia'. I'll be picking three winners in a week's time and each will receive a copy of this author's new book.

Good luck!



Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Lee,
You do such great trivia contests!
I just sent in my entry, Good Luck
to all of us!!

Pat Cochran

Dina said...

I'm on my way to search now Pat.
It's a fun way to learn about authors.
And, good luck.
Lee, you do have great contests. :)

Gigi said...

What a fun search.
I just sent in my entry.

Manic Mom said...

Ooh! I'm usually doing the contests so it's so much fun to actually ENTER one, and I totally know this one, in fact, I was at a conference this weekend and NAMEDROPPED this author to an editor at HER PUBLISHER's house! Because, and here's another clue... I know her first book was the break-out book for that particular imprint!


Found you from my pal Jenny Gardiner!

Cheri2628 said...

Yeah, I FINALLY figured it out! I had not heard of this author, and this was a fun way to "discover" her!