Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Very Special Love Story...

Once upon a time...

there was a guy and a girl. Things didn't work out. The girl married someone else and had a happy life and babies. The guy married someone else and had a happy life and babies. They remained friends though, living in the same community for many many years. And the girl was very good friends with the guy's wife too. It was all perfect.

Over the years the guy's wife taught 4H to the girl's daughters, and when the girl's husband died, he was a shoulder for their youngest daughter to lean on. And several years later, his wife died too and the guy and the girl were both alone.

But then they started talking. They went to dinner. And at age 74, they fell for each other all over again.

This is a true story, and yes, I've written it in the most simplistic terms. It is, however, the loveliest thing to happen in a long time, not just for me, but for my mum. I'm the youngest daughter, and last spring when she announced she was going to dinner with this man - we'll call him Mr. H - I was thrilled. Our families have always been linked, and honestly if my brother and sisters and me could hand-pick someone for my mum, it would be him. It just MADE SENSE. Some things are meant to be.

Now at the age of 75 my mum is planning her wedding. And when she was visiting us last fall, she seemed even younger than she had a few years earlier. LOVE made her young. And...giggly. I could hardly believe my eyes. After being alone for nearly 20 years, I had all but given up that she'd find someone. And then to have it be so perfect....

Well, it just gives you back any and all faith in the power of love.

Stories like this are why I write, you know. Love and all the hope and strength it provides. And I hope that's what comes through to the reader when they sit down with one of my books. When she announced they were going on a date, it was the release month of my first Harlequin Romance. Don't get me wrong, that was thrilling. But I was far more happy about Mum and Mr. H. Books come and go, but true love lasts a lifetime.

I have another book releasing today - The Soldier's Homecoming. And it too is about love providing strength and hope, two things that the hero, Jonas, desperately needs. And because it's a Romance you know you're going to get that emotional, feel-good ending....
Just like my mum.

Congratulations, you two.
Love, Donna


Michelle Monkou said...

I like it when life imitates art or art imitiates life in all its glorious romantic splendor.

There is always a place in my heart for the traditional romance.

Can't wait to read your book.


Jennifer Faye said...

Donna, that is truly a very special love story. It really keeps your faith rooted in love. I'm so happy for your mother.

BTW, I've read Donna's latest book and it is wonderful and touching and a page turner!!!!!!

Kate Walker said...

Thank you for sharing such a very special story, Donna. The wonderful effect that love can have on us at any time in our lives is the reason why we should never ever downgrade what we do when writing romances or let anyone else ever do it to us. These are not just 'silly,love books' but books that tell of the strongest, most powerful force that humans know - the power of love.

I'm so happy for your Mother and her fiancé and I wish them every happiness on their special day and into what I hope will be a long future together.

And loving hugs for you too


Donna Alward said...

Thank you Michelle, Jen and Kate. A lot of people ask why they would get married at their age. It always confuses me. What is marriage? It's making a commitment to each other, to love each other, and stand by each other, and making a promise before God (if you're into church weddings). Why should there be an age limit on that?

I also get a lot of people insisting that "at this point it's about the companionship". And my answer for that is, there's no statute of limitatons on romantic love, either. I think of the old couple in Titanic who decided to die with their arms around each other. I'm pretty sure they weren't just companions, they were connected souls. Hmph.

Gosh, I really am a romantic aren't I!

Gigi said...

Congratulations to your mum.
That is such a great story of true love.
It doesn't happen enough in this life. Thank goodness we have great romance authors to fill in the gaps between the real true romance stories.

Jasmine Haynes said...

That is such a perfect story, Donna! I constantly wish for the same thing for my mom. Thanks for sharing.


Jane said...

That's beautiful. Guess you can never be too old to fall in love.

Estella said...

What a wonderful thing to happen to your mother.
Just shows you can fall in love at any age.

Pat Cochran said...

Donna, Such a sweet story! My best
wishes to your mother and "Mr. H."
My Honey and I will soon celebrate
our 47th anniversary and romance is
still alive in our lives. "Nuff

Pat Cochran

limecello said...

Oh my gosh - that is the sweetest thing. Congratulations to your mom! I'm so very happy for her.

Maureen said...

That is such a lovely story. Congratulations to your family.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

That is the most adorable story!

And congrats on your new book. wowza!

Donna Alward said...

Thank you all, for the congrats on my mum and for the new book.

My kids are already trying to decide what they are going to call their new grampa. I know first hand he loves a hug, so I expect they will be instant friends. :-)

Yvonne Lindsay said...

Donna, it just goes to prove that there is a time for everything, doesn't it? Lately I've been hearing, so often, about people who are getting their second chance together--whether as friends or as life partners. I'm so very happy for your mum, Mr H. and your whole family. It's just beautiful and I hope they enjoy many very happy years together.