Saturday, March 15, 2008

Not just any guilty pleasures...carnal, evil guilty pleasures

My life has been hectic lately. In fact, it's been so hectic, I'm actually quite pleased with myself that poor Lee hasn't had to send me the, "Uh, you're blogging today, remember?" e-mail I'm known to get. I'm here, writing it, a day early no less, so I'm going to find a way to celebrate that achievement sometime this evening.

It also happens to be March, and my day job is in Finance. If you work, or ever did work, in Finance, I don't need to say any more. But for the rest of you, I'll mention that little word--taxes--coupled with upcoming quarter-end reporting at a time when we're still not done with year-end reporting, and suffice to say, March is a busy time at the day job.

I also have a book coming out in April, and I always--always--say that my book release month will be spent relishing in the unveiling of my hard work and nothing else, but so far it hasn't worked out that way. Instead, I'm busily wrapping up the last chapters of my November Blaze, trying to get that to my editor so we've got time for revisions.

Oh, and Little League's starting up.

So where does that leave me?

I'll say one thing's for sure, the diet is BLOWN. Of course, it only takes me one excuse to blow the diet, and I've got--what--four listed here? Oh, it is SO gone! Which means me looking like this will be put off for another month. It also means that the selfish side of me reaches out for those guilty pleasures I need in order to handle all the stress without going insane.

Like many people here, my guilty pleasure is books. I feel I'm living in the black if I've got more "read" books on my shelves than "to be read", and often I can only accomplish that by including my high school yearbooks and photo albums in the count. Otherwise, I run dangerously close to 50/50. But does that stop me from adding more to my wish list? Of course not! It wouldn't be a guilty pleasure if there was no guilt involved, now would it?

My second guilty pleasure is food (see paragraph on diet above) and when it comes to that, I could go on for days. But I was thinking about the topic of this post and asking myself what is my MOST guilty pleasure when it comes to food? You know, that horrible thing you don't even want to admit to eating, but it's SOOOO good? I'll never forget an episode of Oprah where an audience member admitted to eating turkey skin sandwiches. Now, even I, a woman who will pick at the crispy golden skin until my husband comes in the kitchen and swats me away, had to admit a certain revoltion to actually putting chunks of it on bread and slathering it in mayonnaise. But I could understand it. And that's the kid of stuff I'm talking about here.

As a kid, we used to take Wonder Bread, spread on some I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, then sprinkle it with sugar, roll it in a tube and eat it like a Pirouette cookie. I have more money now, and can just buy the things when I want them.

So now I'd have to admit that my most delectible guilty pleasure would have to be chicken fried steak with milk gravy. It's my favorite food I hate to love. I'm not sure if there's any nutritional value that hasn't been fried out, and if there were, the laden fat from the gravy would probably prevent absorbtion. But ask me if I care? I love it with all it's faults.

It was in the news recently that microwave popcorn is bad for your lungs, which lends an interesting twist to the phrase, "inhaling your food". I was happy to say that we don't microwave popcorn. We still make it the old fashioned way in a pot with oil, because I prefer to die of heart disease over lung.

Then again, I'll never forget the line by Dennis Leary who, when told about his cigarettes, "Those things will take 5 years off your life!" replied, "Yeah, but not the good ones."

Amen, brother.

So tell me, what's your guilty pleasure? Go ahead, you can confess. And if it's too embarrassing, just post under "Anonymous" and we'll never tie it back to you!

I also wanted to announce that I've got a great promotion coming out for my latest book, "Putting It To The Test". It's Buy 1 Get 2 Free where I am giving away my entire personal collection of Harlequin Blazes by some of the line's best authors. Just buy my book and I'll send you two Blazes of your choice from the titles available. Details on the promotion can be found on my website at Don't miss it!!


Dina said...

Hi Lori,

If I have any guilty pleasures, I usually treat myself to a nice dinner and have different treats cialnow and then, but nothing that I can think of really special.

Estella said...

My guilty pleasures are reading and following my favorite blogs on the internet.

Virginia said...

Sweets is my guilty pleasures, if I get stressed that is what I go for. Don't get me wrong I love food, but if I could leave the cholcolate alone I would be a whole lot better off and thiner.

Michele L. said... guilty pleasure is definitely reading! I can't get enough of reading! I am a voracious reader!

Then there is my other guilty pleasure of tickling my husband. Hee, hee! I try to get him laughing. It doesn't take him long to get me laughing but on him I have to find the right spot.

Michele L.

Karen H in NC said...

Virginia said it for me...if I could leave the chocolate alone, I would be a whole lot thinner...maybe not happier, but thinner. Same goes for potato chips. I don't even walk down that aisle in the grocery store. Can't eat just one for me means the whole bag at one time! Shame, shame, shame...

But, my one non-fattening guilty pleasure is reading. Can never have too many books on my TBR shelves and I am never without a book in hand or very near by.

limecello said...

Hi Lori,
Wow - thanks for pointing out the promotion. I have your first book "Private Confessions" and really enjoyed it. (Somehow I missed the other ones - whoops) :X. As to guilty pleasures... I'm pretty bad so they happen all the time - I'll read when I should be reading for class... or I'll go out and buy a nice chocolate bomb or treat myself to some other food I can't really afford. :P (Being a student is extremely restrictive.) This gourmet grocery right across the street has these decadent chocolate bombs, in a variety of flavors. There's a thin layer of delicious chocolate cake, then mousse [white chocolate, chocolate, oreo, the list goes on) - and then the pour thick ganache over it, and then drizzle it with icing flavored with whatever is inside. So delicious.
Haha - I guess my guilty pleasures as the same as yours :D

Lori Borrill said...

I definitely think the chocolate bomb gets the guilty pleasure prize. OMG, they sound sinful!

Gigi said...

Hi Lori,
My guilty pleasures are five cheese ziti and bread sticks from the Olive Garden. Yummy.
Peanut M&M's a,d Dark chocolate M&Ms are my favorite uncontrolable chocolate guilty pleasure.

Maureen said...

Reading and chocolate but I don't feel guilty.