Sunday, March 30, 2008

Author Trivia - Lee Hyat

Are you ready for some author fun again? I'm excited about the author I've chosen for this month's Trivia. The cover of her book certainly caught my attention but the title and then the back blurb clinched the deal. I had to add it to my tbr and learn more about the woman who wrote the book!

Now, without further ado, here's our Author Trivia for this month. :)

This author:

* used to be a teacher

*grew up in Oklahoma

*has a fascination for Greece and Spain, among other great countries

*love dark chocolate and garage sales

*is learning to surf

*has authored screenplays, books for children and cozy mysteries

*would survive only on microwave meals and Starbucks if her husband didn't cook for her!

*is excited about her debut release in April 08

*knows sign language

*now lives on the East Coast...
Can you guess who she is? Can you name the title of her book?

I will pick 4 winners at the end of this month and each will receive a copy of this debut novel.
Please don't post your answers here.

Instead, email them to and be sure to put 'Author Trivia' in the subject heading. Also please include your full name and mailing address to help expedite the prize to you in case you win. :)

Good luck!



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