Monday, March 03, 2008

Airplanes - Susanna Carr

As the title suggests in my newest Jenesi Ash release, MILE-HIGH MISTRESS is set on an airplane.

It's kind of strange that I wrote a story with that setting because I really don't like flying on planes. I don't have a fear of flying, but I dread the ordeal. The lines, the delays, the missed connections, the turbulence, the claustrophobia, the weirdo sitting next to you for the next couple of hours, the air sickness… what's not to hate?

There was one time I had to take a flight that lasted 36 hours (including two quick stopovers to change planes.) I swore then and there that I would never get back on a plane. But, of course I had to do it all over again because I wanted to get back home!

And this summer I have to take a plane to the RWA conference in San Francisco and to the Lori Foster/Dianne Castell Reader Writer Get Together in Ohio. I am really looking forward to both events, but I'm dreading those plane rides!

Any suggestions on how to make flight travel more comfortable?



Gigi said...

Hi Susanna,
I have never flown in a plane but I think if it was me I would get the doctor to write a prescription for something to settle my nerves or I would get a cocktail first thing on the plane. I am not a drinker but I consider a little medicinal booze to be in order sometime.

Totebag Guest said...


I haven't tried a prescription to settle my nerves because I worry that it will make me too drowsy or fuzzy-headed. But a drink, hmmm, that might work.

Although the last time I was on a plane the woman next to me drank white wine throughout the entire 5 hour trip and it was early in the morning. She was very relaxed and but I was surprised she could walk once the plane landed!

The time before that I sat next to a really difficult passenger who kept drinking and dropping/breaking the glassware. Yeah, he was someone I couldn't wait to get away from.

You know, I'm noticing a pattern that the people sitting next to me on planes are drinking heavily--and the common denominator is me!!

Susanna Carr

Karen H in NC said...

I agree with you about flying. I've only flown twice. The first time was fine; no delays, no problem passengers, no long layovers. Arrived at my destination in the promised amount of time and I was happy. That was in October. I then made the mistake of booking the same flight in December, around Christmas. Good grief, talk about the flight from hell. The previous 5 hours total from check in to landing turned into 15 hours. I could have driven that 800 miles faster than that. And because it is a trip I make twice a year, I decided to stay on the ground in my comfortable car, stopping when I want to, listening to the music I like, eating from a larger choice of restaurants, not having to drag carryon luggage to the facilities, etc.

I'll stay on the ground, thank you very much!

limecello said...

Hi Susanna,
Fly first class. I know, not the best suggestion, but aside from that I don't know how to make a long plane ride better.
I've flown from OH - Taiwan twice, with stops in between, but going from the US - Asia is torture.
I actually really enjoy flying, but flights of more than 3 hours make me antsy. I'd suggest reading, or getting a window seat, grabbing a camera and taking pictures. Some of my favorite pictures are from planes. To counter jet lag and being cramped - stay hydrated, and do minor exercises - the ones they show on the plane before takeoff on long flights - they do seem to work. Otherwise, hope and pray you're sitting by healthy, quiet, adult people who don't move. :P
Good luck with your next flights!

Jane said...

Hi Susanna,
You need a neck pillow. It'll be great if you can get Xanax, it's great for anxiety. You should also bring an iPod or other music device with noise reduction earphones.

Estella said...

I take a good book and ignore everyone around me.

Cryna said...

I love to fly. I take a book with me to read and tend to get lost in a good story.

Wish I could offer you tips, but what works for some doesn't necessarily work for others. Mind you a good looking air steward who could pay some extra attention and was easy on the eyes would be a real

Dina said...

I have flown a few times and have a hard time sleeping, usually a Red eye and I hate them and always get a direct flight. I don't take anything or have a neck pillow since I rarely fly, but next time I'm doing both. On the way to my destination, I like to read and listen to cd player. The flights are normally only like 3 hrs or so.

Totebag Guest said...

Karen, I agree that sometimes it's better to drive than to fly, especially because you get to call the shots when driving.

Limecello, I rarely get out of my seat when on the plane, so I should make a habit of moving around.

Jane, I've seen a lot of travelers with neck pillows, but didn't know if they make a difference. I’m going to try that on my next trip.

LOL, Cryna. A good looking air steward would make the flight a whole lot better!

Estella, I carry a book but since I get to the airport two hours ahead of time, I'm usually done before the plane takes off. Next time I fly, I'm going to take more books than I think I'll read.

Dina, I'm probably one of the only people around who doesn't have a iPod or Zune. I think I should get one before my next trip—at least I can put on the headphones and block out the other travelers!

Susanna Carr

Lois said...

I haven't flown in a decade or so. . . and sure wouldn't really want to nowadays. Nope, also not afraid of it, but geez, the idea of long lines in security, having to do all that again if the terminal gets evacuated for whatever. . . the delays. . . being able to figure out what you can take aboard and what you can't (like shampoo for crying out loud!!!!). . . it just seems like so much trouble today. Rather walk. LOL


Maureen said...

Observe the people and try and guess why they're flying. Or you can meditate like my brother does.

Pat Cochran said...

Hydration, several good books, ear
plugs or an electronic gadget, and
several walks back and forth in the
aisles. All of these will help to
make your flight comfortable.

Pat Cochran

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Hi Susanna,

Love the cover and the book sounds good I received your newsletter about this release. Look forward to reading this one.

I was afraid of flying planes but last year for the first time I went on one I was nervous and what I did to keep me calm was read a book and took a nap for a few as well. Reading a book really helped because I was glued to to it LoL. I would say bring a book that you think will keep your interest so you get stuck in it and once you know it you be off the plane in no time :-) Hope this helps.