Wednesday, February 06, 2008

If anyone looked at what I research...

They’d arrest me! Or at least they’d take a look at my husband’s health. Yes, all day yesterday I was combing the Internet for the best poison. I wanted something fast-acting. I didn’t want it to be messy. I needed something that could be mistaken for natural causes. And boy did I learn a lot! Did you know that potatoes can be poisonous? In high doses, they can cause stomach ache, dizziness and even coma! I’d have to do more research to figure out what a “high dose” is, probably 10 pounds in one sitting. But this is the joy--and danger--of the Internet. You can find out millions of facts, and certainly enough to be dangerous if you don’t dig really deep. Because there is so much contradicting information. You can’t look up just one site, you have to look up a ton of them to make sure you have a consensus. Consequently, I spent all day on the Internet and got to call it work! I did find my poison, too. Not for my husband, of course, but for my character in the Jennifer Skully novel I’m working on. She’s Jasmine’s alter ego. Hopefully the book will be out some time next year, and then you can see what devious poison I chose and who I chose to kill with it!

I’d love to hear what you have fun researching on the Internet!

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Pat Cochran said...

My latest network research has been
in the horticulture area. I've
never pruned my roses myself and I
have wanted to try. There's lots
of information available but trying
to determine what type of roses we
are dealing with is the really big
question! and then there's the
time of year it should be done!
I think I may hold off on the task
until I research some more!!!

Pat Cochran

Jasmine Haynes said...

See! there's so much info out there, Pat. We end up learning a lot of stuff...but then we've got a lot more questions, too. It could be never-ending. Good luck with the roses!

Jasmine Haynes

Estella said...

I als research stuff for my flower garden and house plants.

Cryna said...

My most recent research was for a sweetner that could be used for my diabetic father since the one that he has been using for years for cooking had been pulled off the market, because it contained something they are now deciding is not healthy. Go figure. It just boggles your mind what all is out there, and making sure I have the right one. Not supposed to take up as much time as it did.

Jasmine Haynes said...

That's it exactly, it takes so much longer than we think it's going to. And suddenly my day is gone!

Still I think it's a wonderful, powerful tool that I'm glad we have. Info at our fingertips for our gardens, our medicines. And our poisons!

Jasmine Haynes

deseng said...

I have researched many things. I have found things about old movies, phone numbers, obscure books for my hubby, diverticulitis syptoms for my mom, etc. It is a vast wealth of information! If you are stuck inside and can't go to the library the internet will have just what you are looking for!