Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Author Trivia - by Renee DeLuca

Hi Everyone, my name is Renee. Lee had a computer meltdown over the weekend and has been battling issues with technical support since then. She hopes to be back to do the contest updates soon on her site.

Meanwhile, she asked me to take care of the Author Trivia this month so here are the clues -

This author -

* lives in Vancouver, Canada

* works with disabled people

*had her first novel released in February 2008 from a really well-known print publisher

* has been published with Woman's World Magazine, among others

* Jennifer Crusie called her "one of the best new voices in women's lit".

* she's doing yet another booksigning at Borders in Traverse City on Feb. 20th (tomorrow!)

* her heroine poses as a psychic to get her guy back!

Can you guess the author and the title of her new release?

Lee will pick 4 winners at the end of this month and each will receive a copy of this book.

Please don't post your answers here. Instead, email them to and be sure to put 'Author Trivia' in the subject heading. Also please include your full name and mailing address to help expedite the prize to you in case you win.

Thanks - and good luck!



Lee Hyat said...

Thanks for taking care of this for me, Renee! I'm back online - sort of. :)

Dina said...

I just saw my name as a winner.

Thank you. :)